SHQ Online Vol 082

07/1978 - 04/1979

Issue 1

Cover: "Wolf Canyon Water Hole" by Arthur T. Lee. Courtesy Rochester Museum & Science Center
Albert James Myer, an Army Doctor in Texas, 1854-1857 by Paul J. Scheips
Notes and Documents:
I Am Already Quite a Texan: Albert J. Myer's Letters from Texas, 1854-1856 Edited by David A. Clary
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Atlas of Texas.
Big Thicket Legacy.
The United States-Mexico Border: A Politicio Economic Profile.
The Writings of Francisco Garcia Diego y Moreno: Obispo de Ambas Californias.
Life in Custer's Cavalry: Diaries and Letters of Albert and Jennie Barnitz, 1867-1868.
From Whence We Came.
Affairs of the Association

Issue 2

General Jose Antonio Mexia and His Texas Interests by C. Alan Hutchinson
Notes and Documents
Prairie Trails in Literature by Carl C. Wright
German Artist on the Pedernales by William W. Newcomb, Jr.
A Checklist of Theses and Dissertations in Texas Studies, 1964-1974 Compiled and Edited by L. Tuffly Ellis and Barbara J. Stockley
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Mexico's Miguel Caldera.
Correspondence of James K. Polk, Volume IV, 1837-1838. Northern Mexico on the Eve of the United States Invasion
Mexican Wilderness and Wildlife.
John Collier's Crusade for Indian Reform, 1920-1954.
Between the Creeks: Recollections of Northeast Texas. The Rodeo of John Addison Stryker.
Tim McCoy Remembers the West: An Autobiography.
Progressive Cities: The Commission Government Movement in America, 1901-1920.
A Yankee in German America.

Issue 3

The Constitutional Union Party in Texas by James Alex Baggett
Notes and Documents
Memorial of Father Benito Fernández Concerning the Canary Islanders, 1741 Translated by Benedict Leuienegger, O.F.M
The Smell of Oranges by Retha Daniell Alarid
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Judge Legett of Abilene: A Texas Frontier Profile. Here Comes the Judge from State Home to State House: Memoirs of Robert W. Calvert.
The Big Thicket of Texas: A Comprehensive Annotated Bibliography.
Indianola: The Mother of Western Texas.
A Loose Herd of Texans.
Revolt in Louisiana: The Spanish Occupation 1766-1770.
West of Hell's Fringe.
Pancho Villa: Intimate Recollections by People Who Knew Him.
Reform and Regulation: American Politics, 1900-1916.
The Urban West at the End of the Frontier.
The Prisoners of Perote, Containing a Journal Kept by the Author Who Was Captured by the Mexicans at Mier, December 25, 1842 and Released from Perote, May 16, 1844.
Texas Log Buildings.
Book Notes
Affairs of the Association

Issue 4

Some Economic Aspects of Antebellum Texas Agriculture by Randolph B. Campbell and Richard G. Lowe
Secession and the Texas German Community: Editor Lindheimer vs. Editor Flake by Walter L. Buenger
Notes and Documents
Texas History in the Public Schools: An Appraisal by Margaret Swett Henson
A New Remembrance, An Old Theme by Archie P. McDonald
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Sangers': Pioneer Texas Merchants.
An American Original: The Life of J. Frank Dobie.
American Caesar: Douglas Mac Arthur, 1880-1964.
The Political Crisis of the 1850s.
The Flamboyant Mr. Colt and His Deadly Six-Shooter.
Back in the Saddle Again.
Border Boom Town: Ciudad Juárez since 1848.
The Paradox of Pancho Villa
Anarchism & the Mexican Working Class, 1860-1931.
How Did Davy Die?
Liberty and Union.