SHQ Online Vol 076

07/1972 - 04/1973

Issue 1

Cover: Texas Navy Leaving Galveston, 1837 by Emil Bunjes
Texas and the Nashville Convention of 1850 by Randolph Cambell
From Texas to Mexico: An Affairiste at Work by Nancy Nichols Barker
The Houston-Fisher Controversy by Margaret Hutton
Notes and Documents
A Federal Naval Raid into Galveston Harbor, November 7-8, 1861: What ReallyHappened? by Mitchell S. Goldberg
E. W. Winkler's Speech on Historical Collections of the Southwest Edited by Llerena Friend
Special Historical Collections of the Southwestern United States by E.W. Winkler
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Money, Marbles and Chalk
The Citizens' Council
The Image of Lincoln in the South
Fruits of Propaganda in the Tyler Administration
The Higher Realism of Woodrow Wilson and Other Essays
Sketches of Life in the United States of North America and Texas
The Taos Trappers
My Eighty Years in Texas
Texas: A History
Chief Bowles and the Texas Cherokees
Big Brother's Indian Programs - With Reservations
Texas Pioneers from Poland
The Black Military Experience in the American West
Umphrey Lee
Missions of Old Texas
Off the Beaten Path
The Cowman Says It Salty
Famous Trees of Texas
New Mexico, Past and Present
The Meyer Family
Lisbon West of the Trinity
Goliad Survivor
Affairs of the Association

Issue 2

Cover: Old San Antonio by Herman Lungkwitz
Early Texas Statehood by Ralph A. Wooster
Intrastate Sectionalism in the Texas Governor's Race of 1853 by Roger A. Griffin
Internal Improvements in Texas in the Early 1850's by Earl F. Woodward
Notes and Documents
Sankt Antonius: Germans in the Alamo City of the 1850's by Kent Keeth
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Huerta: A Political Portrait
Tragic Cavalier
A Description of the Kingdom of New Spain
North America Divided
The Black West
The Last Captive
Reconstruction to Reform
Texas Under a Cloud
Mug House
The United States and Revolutionary Nationalism in Mexico, 1916-1932
Cannon Smoke
American Indian Portraits

Issue 3

Pioneer Evaluation of Vegetation in Frontier Texas by Terry G. Jordan
Spain's Immigration Policy in Louisiana and the American Penetration, 1792-1803 by Gilbert C. Din
Victor Considerant and the Failure of La Réunion by Rondel V. Davidson
Notes and Documents
Remington in the Southwest by Peter H. Hassrick
Toward a List of Reconstruction Loyalists by Robert Shook
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The Proud Peoples
Churches in Cultural Captivity
Investigaciones Contemporáneas sobre Historia de México
Selected Papers of Will Clayton
Biracial Politics
Arthur E. Stilwell
The Passing of the Great West
The Empresario
Dream of Empire
The Texas Courthouse
The Etchings of Edward Borein
American Indian Ceremonial Dances
Some Things I Did
My Girlhood among Outlaws
New Perspectives on the Pueblos
The Restless Friar
Affairs of the Association Financial Report

Issue 4

A Glimpse of Life on Antebellum Slave Plantations in Texas by Abigail Curlee Holbrook
Human Property: The Negro Slave in Harrison County, 1850-1860 by Randolph Cambell
The Freedmen's Bureau Schools in Texas, 1865-1870 by Alton Hornsby, Jr.
The Houston Mutiny and Riot of 1917 by Robert V. Haynes
Notes and Documents
The Discovery of Being Black by Adail DeBlanc Simond
The Freedmen and Agricultural Prosperity Edited by Robert A. Calvert
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Mexican Revolution
An Army for Empire
The Mallorys of Mystic
Some More Horse Tradin'
Booker T. Washington
The Western Peace Officer
Kirby Smith's Confederacy
The South and the Concurrent Majority
Jesús González Ortega and Mexican National Politics
The Houston Symphony Orchestra, 1913-1971
Wea Creek to El Dorado
The Mystic Warriors of the Plains
The Schiwetz Legacy
The Public Lands of Texas, 1519-1970