SHQ Online Vol 075

07/1971 - 04/1972

Issue 1

No Diamond in the Rough by Joe B. Frantz
Progressives and Prohibitionists: Texas Democratic Politics, 1911-1921 by Lewis L. Gould
Arthur E. Stilwell and the Founding of Port Arthur: A Case of Entrepreneurial Error by Keith L. Bryant, Jr.
The Texas Myth in Reality: The Seefeld Family as Entrepreneurs by James P. Baughman
Notes and Documents
Waco: Cotton and Culture on the Brazos by Roger N. Conger
"Mother I Don't Frollick Now . . " Edited by Twila M.W. Smith
N. C. Raymond's Report on the Legislature of 1846 Edited by Dorris Collie Hall
Southwestern Collection
Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 38
Book Reviews
In Pursuit of American History
The American Indian, 1926-1931
Fort Supply, Indian Territory
The Spanish Borderlands Frontier, 1513-1821
General Pope and U.S. Indian Policy
The Expeditions of John Charles Fremont
Joseph Stephen Cullinan
Hood's Texas Brigade
Victorian Lady on the Texas Frontier
Texas Precinct Votes '68
Los Chícanos, An Awakening People
Barrio Boy
A Southern Record
Marion T. Brown
New Orleans, 1718-1812
Our Roots Grow Deep
A History of Robertson County, Texas
Tales from the Mohaves
Shawls, Crinolines, Filigree
The Clifton-Morenci Strike
Affairs of the Association

Issue 2

Some Reflections on Labor History by F. Ray Marshall
The Evolution of an Early Texas Union: The Screwmen's Benevolent Association of Galveston, 1866-1891 by James V. Reese
The Gospel of Wealth Goes South: John Henry Kirby and Labor's Struggle for Self-Determination, 1901–1916 by George T. Morgan, Jr.
Notes and Documents
Thompson McFadden's Diary of an Indian Campaign, 1874 Edited by Robert C. Carriker
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The French Legation in Texas
Eugene C. Barker, Historian
Rupert N. Richardson
Union Pacific Country
Mexico and the Old Southwest
A History of the Indians of the United States
The Removal of the Choctaw Indians
Pueblo Architecture of the Southwest
Sculptor in Buckskin:
Born to be a Soldier
The Black Infantry in the West, 1869-1891
The Negro in Texas, 1874-1900
The Nat Turner Rebellion
Negro Legislators of Texas and Their Descendants
Latin America in Transition
San José de Palafox: "The Impossible Dream" by the Rio Grande An Introduction to El Paso's Scenic and Historic Landmarks
Fredericksburg, Texas
The Texas Country Democrat
Capitols of Texas
Old Mountain City

Issue 3

J. Frank Norris: Violent Fundamentalist by C. Allyn Russell
The United States and the De la Huerta Rebellion by Manuel A. Machado, Jr.
Anglo-American Penetration of the Southwest: The View from New Mexico by Daniel Tyler
Notes and Documents
The Public Square as a Determinant of Courthouse Form in Texas by Willard B. Robinson
In Memoriam
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The Confederacy as a Revolutionary Experience
A Classified Bibliography of the Periodical Literature of the Trans-Mississippi West
The Brownsville Affair
Black Beans & Goose Quills
The Santa Fe Trail
The Journal of Jacob Fowler
Ritual in Pueblo Art
Thomason The State National since 1881
Mr. De
From Alamo Plaza to Jack Harris's Saloon
The First Spanish Entry into San Francisco Bay, 1775.
Affairs of the Association

Issue 4

La Salle's Survivors by Robert S. Weddle
Notes and Documents
Corpus Christi: A Quarter Century of Development, 1900-1925 by Dan E. Kilgore
Nuevo Santander in 1795: A Provincial Inspection by Felix Calleja Translated and Edited by David M. Vigness
Map: Mapa de la Sierra Gorda, y Costa de el Seno Mexico …, Alejandro Prieto
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The Frontier Challenge
The Art of the Old West; The Art of the Southwest Indians
Cattle Trails to Trenches
Maverick Tales
The American Southwest
The Road to Santa Fe
First Mail West
Book Notes Dolores, Revilla, and Laredo: Three Sister Settlements
Fifty-Nine for Freedom
White Sects and Black Men in the Recent South