SHQ Online Vol 074

07/1970 - 04/1971

Issue 1

Tempest in a Teapot? The Mexican-United States Intervention Crisis of 1919 by Manuel A. Machado, Jr. and James T. Judge
Wealthy Texans, 1870 by Ralph A. Wooster
Gamery Sumners, and Connally: The Defeat of the Roosevelt Court Bill in 1937 by Lionel V. Patenaude
Notes and Documents
Mules, Packs, and Packtrains by Emmett M. Essin, III
J. A. van Blerk "Met President Reitz deur Texas" Translated by Natalie Alice van Blerk
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
New Mexico's Quest for Statehood, 1846-1912
Down the Colorado
Hurrah for Texas
Memoirs of a Texas Pioneer Grandmother
Texas Under Arms
Their Tattered Flags
Arkansas Gazette
Wimberley Hills
Abilene on Catclaw Creek
Dallas Stoudenmire
Bourbonism and Agrarian Protest
The Sword of the Republic
The Spanish-American War
From Texas to Rome
Book Notes
Affairs of the Association
Texas State Historical Association

Issue 2

Intrigue on the Rio Grande: The Rio Bravo Affair by Michael G. Webster
Federal Fort Architecture in Texas during the Nineteenth Century by Roy Eugene Graham
The Steck-Carleton Controversy in Civil War New Mexico by Edmund J. Danziger, Jr.
Notes and Documents
The Significance of Frontier Forts to Texas by Joe B. Frantz
Miranda's Inspection of Los Almagres: His Journal, Report and Petition Translated and Edited by Roderick B. Patten
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The Freedmen's Bureau in Louisiana
The Black Experience in America
The New South Creed: A Study in Southern Mythmaking
Essays on the American West
The Wild West
Fifly Years on the Owl Hoot Trail
History of the Lincoln County War
Arizona Territory, 1863-1912
The Navajo Mountain Community
José Antonio Navarro
Frontiersmen of the Faith
Kansas in Turmoil, 1930-1936
The Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery from Its Beginnings to 1969
Treasure Tempest in Texas History Under the Sea
The Territorial Press of New Mexico, 1834-1912
Book Notes

Issue 3

W. P. Webb's Texas Rangers by Llerena B. Friend
Old School Presbyterians: Eastern Invaders of Texas, 1830-1865 by Richard B. Hughes
1919: William Jenkins, Robert Lansing, and the Mexican Interlude by David Glaser
Notes and Documents
El Paso—from War to Depression by C.L. Sonnighsen and M.G. McKinney
An Historian Looks at History by W.W. Rostow
Lydia Ann McHenry and Revolutionary Texas Edited by George R. Nielsen
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The Myth of Southern History
The Rise of Massive Resistance
Essays on Recent Southern Politics
The Papers of Dwight David Eisenhower
My Brother Lyndon
Maury Maverick
Mission of Sorrows
After Kino
No Quittin Sense
To Wear a City's Crown
The Espuela Land and Cattle Company
William Hickling Prescott
Cowboy Life on the Llano Estacado
The Texas Land and Development Company
Thank God, We Made It!
Ma'am Jones of the Pecos
Longhorns North of the Arkansas
Texas Is the Place for Me
Book Notes
Affairs of the Association: Financial Report*

Issue 4

Interpretations and Trends in the Study of the Spanish Borderlands: The Old Southwest by Jack D.L. Holmes
Austin's First National and the Errant Teller by Marilyn McAdams Sibley
General Sam Bell Maxey: His Defense of North Texas and the Indian Territory by L.W. Horton
Notes and Documents
Cattlemen, Packers, and Government: Retreating Individualism on the Texas Range by James A. Wilson
The Civil War Memoirs of Samuel Alonza Cooke Edited by Bill O'Neal
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The Reminiscences and Civil War Letters of Levi Lamoni Wight:
The Life and Times of Joseph Fish, Mormon Pioneer
The Dallas Cowboys and the NFL
Cowpokes, Nesters, & So Forth
The Buffalo
Reconstructing Prehistoric Pueblo Societies
My Life in the Southwest
Sam Houston's Wife
The Church and Social Change in Latin America
The Brownsville Raid
Talks on Texas Books
Early Literary Magazines of Texas
Visions of Glory
Runnels Is My County
Book Notes