SHQ Online Vol 073

07/1969 - 04/1970

Issue 1

The Trek South: How the Mormons Went to Mexico by B. Carmon Hardy
The Whig Party of Texas in the Elections of 1848 and 1852 by Randolph Campbell
Herbert Eugene Bolton: His Guide in the Making by John Francis Bannon, S.J.
Notes and Documents
September 8, 1900: An Account by a Mother to Her Daughters Edited by W. Maury Darst
Records of the Confederate Military Commission in San Antonio, July 2-October 10, 1862 Edited by Alwyn Barr
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Ten Texans in Gray
Alfalfa Bill Murray
New Echota Letters: Contributions of Samuel A. Worcester to the Cherokee Phoenix
The Marlin Compound
Voice in the Wilderness: A History of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Texas
The Republic of Texas
Mexico: The Struggle for Modernity
Cornerstones: A History of Beaumont and Methodism, 1840-1968
Wild Cow Tales
The Life and Times of Jane Long
Braxton Bragg and Confederate Defeat. Volume I: Field Command
Land Commissioner Charles Rogan and the Mineral Classification of Texas Public School Lands
300 Years in Victoria County
Western Words: A Dictionary of the American West
Horsebackers of the Brush Country
Red River Dust
Captain Jeff, or Frontier Life in Texas with the Texas Rangers
Historical Atlas of New Mexico
Affairs of the Association

Issue 2

The Immigration Policy of Governor Esteban Miró in Spanish Louisiana by Gilbert C. Din
Early Texas Politics: The Henderson Administration by Ralph A. Wooster
The German Settlement of Texas after 1865 by Terry G. Jordan
Notes and Documents
Apollo by Evan D. Ertel
Dudley G. Wooten's Comment on Texas Histories and Historians of the Nineteenth Century Edited by Mary Beth Fleischer
Records of the Confederate Military Commission in San Antonio, July 2-October 10, 1862 Edited by Alwyn Barr
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Imperial Texas
Force Without Fanfare: The Autobiography of K. M. Van Zandt
The Franco-Texan Land Company
Paso de Águila: A Chronicle of Frontier Days on the Texas Border as Recorded in the Memoirs of Jesse Sumpter
Country Music, U.S.A.
With Milam and Fannin
The History of Baylor University, 1845-1861
A History of New Mexican-Plains Indian Relations
Spanish Government in New Mexico
The Western Hemisphere
Mexican Liberalism in the Age of Mora, 1821-1853. By Charles A. Hale
Intellectual Precursors of the Mexican Revolution, 1900-1913. By James D. Cockcroft
Coronado's Friars
Travis County, Texas: The Five Schedules of the 1860 Federal Census
The Texas State Capitol

Issue 3

Peter Molyneaux and the New Deal by Irvin M. May, Jr.
Camp Life in the Army of Occupation: Corpus Christi, July 1845 to March 1846 by Darwin Payne
Rebel Nationalism: E. H. Cushing and the Confederate Experience by Emory M. Thomas
Notes and Documents
Texas Railroads: The End of an Era by Everett L. DeGloyer, Jr.
The Grassroots Historian by C.L. Sonnighsen
Ben Milam and United States and Mexican Relations Edited by George R. Nielsen
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The Indians of Texas in 1830
Beyond the Cimarron: Major Earl Van Dorn in Comanche Land
The Way to Rainy Mountain
The Geronimo Campaign
American Military History
Surfboats and Horse Marines: U.S. Naval Operations in the Mexican War, 1846-48
Frontier Settlement in Mexican California
Latin American Newspapers in United States Libraries: A Union List
The People in Power: Courthouse and Statehouse in the Lower South, 1850-1860
The City Moves West: Economic and Industrial Growth in Central West Texas
Postwar Readjustment in El Paso 1945-1950. By Patricia Reschenthaler; Water Out of the Desert
Pass of the North: Four Centuries on the Rio Grande
Walter Prescott Webb
All Our Yesterdays: A Brief History of Chappell Hill
Guillermo Prieto
Early Texas Birth Records, 1838-1878
The Track Going Back
Texas Historic Forts: A Report by the University of Texas School of Architecture

Issue 4

Cotton Marketing in Antebellum Texas by Abigail Curlee Holbrook
Cotton on the Border, 1861-1865 by Ronnie C. Tyler
The Revolutionizing of the Texas Cotton Trade, 1865-1885 by L. Tuffly Ellis
Notes and Documents
Nineteenth-Century Farmers, Cotton, and Prosperity by Robert A. Calvert
Reminiscences of Cotton Pickin' Days by J.B. Coltharp
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The Political Evolution of the Mexican People
America's Frontier Story
Never Again. Volume I: Texas B.C.-1821; Volume II: Texas 1821-1848; Volume III: Texas 1848-1861
Men Without Countries
Green Flag over Texas
Geology and Politics in Frontier Texas, 1845-1909
Barbarous Mexico. With Beauregard in Mexico. The Movement for the Acquisition of All Mexico
Rangers of Texas
Along the Early Trails of the Southwest
Gunman's Territory
Forgotten Legions: Sheep in the Rio Grande Plain of Texas
New Orleans in the Gilded Age
Liberalism in the New South: Southern Social Reformers and the Progressive Movement
Executive Mansions and Capitols of America
Book Notes: Mission San Fernando
Book Notes: Texas Camel Tales
Book Notes: A Texan in Search of a Fight
Book Notes: Oral History for the Local Historical Society