SHQ Online Vol 072

07/1968 - 04/1969

Issue 1

Cover: Bridge Demolition by Frank Duncan
The Early History of Labor Organizations in Texas, 1838-1876 by James V. Reese
Tadeo Ortiz and Texas by W.H. Timmons
Border Troubles in Mexican-United States Relations by Daniel Cosio Villegas
Notes and Documents
The 36th Was A Great Fighting Division by Fred L. Walker
The Odyssey of A Texas Citizen Soldier Edited by Robert L. Wagner
A Horror of Hoops Edited by L. Moody Simms, Jr.
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Bounty and Donation Land Grants of Texas, 1835-1888
The 1840 Census of the Republic of Texas
Sam Houston With the Cherokees, 1829-1833. By and
With the Bark on
King Cotton and His Retainers
Campaigning With Parsons' Texas Cavalry Brigade, C.S.A.
Folk-Songs of the Southern United States
The Mysterious West
Ranald S. Mackenzie's Official Correspondence Relating to Texas, 1871-1873
Wings and Saddles
The Coming Water Famine
The Rising Tide
Opera in Chicago
Clio's Servant
Book Notes
Affairs of the Association

Issue 2

Cover: The Herd Boy by Frederic Remington
Bear Flag and Lone Star: Two Imperial Powers and Their Stereotypes by W.H. Hutchinson
General John Pope and the Southern Plains Indians, 1875-1883 by Richard N. Ellis
Mexican Opinion and the Texas Revolution by Gene Brack
Fort Colorado: A Texas Ranger Frontier Outpost in Travis County, Texas by William T. Field
Notes and Documents
Fort Worth, 1870-1900 by Sandra L. Myres
Still in Texas Edited by Llerena Friend
A Letter From John J. Linn Edited by Robert W. Shook
An Army Officer in Texas, 1866-1867 Edited by Brit Allan Storey
Contribution: Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
A History of Negro Education in the South from 1619 to the Present
Diario y Derrotero: 1777-1781
San Juan Bautista
San Antonio's Mission San José
Six Spanish Missions of Texas
Bartlett's West
Origins of the War With Mexico
M. K. Kellogg's Texas Journal, 1872
Cow Dust and Saddle Leather
The Cattle Towns
"I'm Frank Hamer"
Firearms, Traps, & Tools of the Mountain Men
Origins of the American Indians: European Concepts, 1492-1729
Soldiers on the Santa Fe Trail
Now You Hear My Horn
Book Notes

Issue 3

Cover: Gamblers by W. H. D. Koerner
Lady Luck and Her Knights of the Royal Flush by Philip D. Jordan
Herbert Eugene Bolton as a Writer of Local History by Martha Voght
Devious Diplomat: Dubois de Saligny and the Republic of Texas by Nancy N. Barker
Zachary Taylor and the Indiana Volunteers by Herman J. Viola
Notes and Documents
San Augustine: In The Texas Republic by William Seale
The Timeless Town: Pictures by Jim Alvis
Letters From the Texas Army, Autumn, 1836: Leon Dyer to Thomas J. Green Edited by Marilyn McAdams Sibley
Prairie Scenes and Moods by Carl C. Wright
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
The University of Texas Archives
The Emergence of the New South, 1913-1945
Bluebonnets and Cactus
Battles of Texas
Hood's Texas Brigade in Poetry and Song
Travelers in Texas, 1761-1860
The Pantarch
John Henry Kirby
Littlefield Lands
A Record of Faith, 1867-1967
On This Bluff: Centennial History, 1867-1967
The Port of Houston
The Prehistory of the Tehuacan Valley The Prehistory of the Tehuacan Valley
The Apache Frontier
Songs of the American West
The Troubled Farmer 1850-1900
The Writings of J. Frank Dobie; J. Frank Dobie Bibliography
Book Notes

Issue 4

Cover: The Funeral of A. J. Hamilton April 12, 1875 by Ancel E. Nunn
A Historiography of Reconstruction in Texas: Some Myths and Problems by Edgar P. Sneed
James P. Newcomb: The Making of a Radical by Dale A. Somers
The Texas State Police During Reconstruction: A Reexamination by Ann Patton Baenziger
Notes and Documents
The Durable Society: Austin in the Reconstruction by A.C. Greene
Samuel Bell Maxey on the Coke-Davis Controversy Edited by Louise Horton
From Planter To Farmer: A Georgia Man in Reconstruction Texas Edited by William Warren Rogers
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Texas Riverman
Colossal Hamilton of Texas
Charles Morgan and the Development of Southern Transportation
Life of George Bent, Written from His Letters
General Sterling Price and the Civil War in the West
Essays on the American Civil War
Ranald S. Mackenzie's Official Correspondence Relating to Texas, 1873-1879
The LS Brand
Mexican Indian Costumes
A Bibliography of United States-Latin American Relations Since 1810
The Alamo Chain of Missions
One Hundred Years of Challenge and Change
The American Far Right
Edgar Gardner Murphy
Bold Legacy
A History of Urban America
Book Notes