SHQ Online Vol 071

07/1967 - 04/1968

Issue 1

Cover: Welcome for the First Trail Herd by W. H. D. Koerner
An Old Trail, A New Look: Southwestern Historical Quarterly Redesign
The Impact of the Cattle Trails by Wayne Gard
Broker to the British: Francis Smith and Company by Gene M. Gressley
West Texas Influence on the Early Cattle Industry of Arizona by James A. Wilson
Range Deterioration in West Texas by Thadis W. Box
John Thomas Lytle: Cattle Baron by Jimmy M. Skaggs
Notes and Documents
The Chisholm Trail's Mountain of Words by Ronald B. Jager
Portrait of a Cowboy as a Young Artist by Eldon S. Branda
Cowboy Album by Erwin E. Smith
The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Minute Book by Chester V. Kielman
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
This New Ocean
James K. Polk, Continentalist, 1843-1846
Mexico and the Spanish Cortes, 1810-1822
Sketches of Early Texas and Louisiana
A New Land Beckoned
Sam Fore, Jr., Community Newspaper Editor
Fine Texas Horses
Benjamin Lundy and the Struggle for Negro Freedom
Douglas's Texas Battery, C. S. A
King Fisher
The Wagonmasters
Tales from the Big Thicket
A History of Irion County Texas
History of Titus County, Texas
Bygones I Cannot Help Recalling
Book Notes
Affairs of the Association

Issue 2

Cover: A Texas Cotton Field by Buck Schweitz
Wealthy Texans, 1860 by Ralph A. Wooster
The Republic of Texas: A French View by Nancy N. Barker
The Round Bale Cotton Controversy by L. Tuffly Ellis
Notes and Documents
Houston, 1880-1910 by George M. Fuermann
Records of the Confederate Military Commission in San Antonio, July 2-October 10, 1862 by Alwyn Barr
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Frontier Mission
The Mississippi Valley Frontier
America's Western Frontiers
Methodism Moves Across North Texas
The Buffalo Soldiers
Grenville M. Dodge, Soldier, Politician, Railroad Pioneer
Painted Walls of Mexico
The Horsemen of the Americas and the Literature They Inspired
Mexican Rebel
Steel and Economic Growth in Mexico
The Centennial Years
The Sunny Slopes of Long Ago
The Texas Institute of Letters, 1936-1966
The Dead Men Wore Boots
Book Notes

Issue 3

Nicholas Trist's Mission to Mexico: A Reinterpretation by Jack Nortrup
The Fabulous Tom Ochiltree: Promoter, Politician, and Ranconteur by Claude H. Hall
The Fertile Crescent: The South's Role in the National Space Program by Loyd S. Swenson, Jr.
Notes and Documents
Project Gemini by James M. Grimwood and Ivan D. Ertel
Ashbel Smith on Currency and Finance in the Republic of Texas by Herbert T. Hoover
A Letter from Texas by Nath Winfield
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Three Men in Texas: Bedichek, Webb, and Dobie
Second Chance
The Rock Art of Texas Indians
They Sang for Horses
John O. Meusebach, German Colonizer in Texas
Cotton Versus Conscience
The Frontier Re-examined
Western America in 1846-1847
When the Eagle Screamed
Stagecoach West
Texas Homes of the 19th Century
Father Kino in Arizona
Health-Seekers in the Southwest, 1817-1900
Iron Men
Catholic Influence on American Colonial Policies, 1898-1904
At Ease in Zion
Farewell to Texas
The Biography of Doctor D. R. Wallace
And Promises to Keep: The Southern Conference for Human Welfare, 1938-1948
Book Notes

Issue 4

Cover: Fray Antonio Margilde Jesus, Founder of Mission San José artist unknown, circa 1700
The Spanish Frontier in West Texas and Northern Mexico by James M. Daniel
Map: The Despoblado Mission San José y San Miguel de Aguayo 1720-1824
Managing Our Spanish and Mexican Southwestern Archival Legacy by Oliver W. Holmes
San Juan Bautista: Mother of Texas Missions by Robert S. Weddle
Notes and Documents
Hispanic-Mexican San Antonio: 1836-1861 by Caroline Remy
New Documents on Father Jose Mariano Reyes Edited and Translated by Benedict Leutenegger, O.F.M
A Governor's Report on Texas in 1809 Edited and Translated by Nettie Lee Benson
Southwestern Collection
Book Reviews
Painting in Texas, the Nineteenth Century
The Texas Diary, 1835-1838
The Oregon Question
Sectional Stress and Party Strength
William Henry Seward
There Shall Also Be A Lieutenant Governor
The American West
Pedro Vial and the Roads to Santa Fe
The Conquest of Apacheria
Rocky Mountain Mining Camps
Rock Art of the American Indian
Aunt Clara
The Pioneer in the American Novel 1900-1950
J. Frank Dobie; John C. Duval; Charles A. Siringo; Andy Adams; Tom Lea; Katherine Anne Porter; William Humphrey; Paul Horgan; Oliver La Farge; Fred Gipson; Eugene Manlove Rhodes; George Sessions Perry
Quarter Horses
The South Since Appomattox
The Negro Image in the South
The Ku Klux Klan in the City, 1915-1930
Thomas P. Gore
The Teaching of History
Book Notes