SHQ Online Vol 070

07/1966 - 04/1967

 Issue 1

Dr. M. Bailey Carroll, 1903-1966
Taylor's Trail in Texas (Illustration)
Tenoxititlan, Dream Capital of Texas (Illustration)
Governmental Responses to the Challenges of Water Resources in Texas by John T. Thompson
Hermes Drug in La Grange A Pioneer Texas Store by Esther J.W. Hall
Notes and Documents
Hugh F. Young's Account of the Snively Expedition As Told to John S. Ford by Stephen B. Oates
Records of the Confederate Military Commission in San Antonio, July 2-October 10, 1862 Edited by Alwyn Barr
Affairs of the Association (Illustration)
Texas Collection by Joe B. Frantz
Book Reviews
The Saga of Texas Series
Indian Wars of Texas
Six Missions of Texas
An Epitome of My Life, Civil War Reminiscences
Senate and House Journals of the Tenth Legislature, First Called Session, of the State of Texas, May 9, 1864-May 28, 1864
The Galveston That Was
Lyceum to Library: A Chapter in the Cultural History of Houston
Wagons East
Book Notes

Issue 2

British Impressions of Texas and the Texans by Mary Lee Spence
Migration Into Texas, 1860-1880 by Homer L. Kerr
Galveston: Denver's Deep- Water Port by Bernard Axelrod
The "Old Department" of History at the University of Texas, 1910-1951 by Thomas B. Brewer
The Cedar Chopper by Walter J. Cartwright
Notes and Documents
The Union Company in Anahuac, 1831-1833 Edited by Andrew Forest Muir
A Mystery Solved, Henry Smith's Charges Against Don Carlos Barrett 1835 Edited by Herbert Gambrell
The Burial Place of the Alamo Heroes by Marilyn McAdams Sibley
Texas in the 1850's, As Viewed by a Recent Arrival Edited by Aaron M. Boom
Records of the Confederate Military Commission in San Antonio, July 2-October 10, 1862 Edited by Alwyn Barr
A Border Incident of 1878 From the Journal of Captain John S. McNaught Edited by George A. Schneider
Texas, 1893 Edited by James Howell Smith
Texas Collection by Joe B. Frantz
Book Reviews
A History of The Republican Party in Texas, 1865-1965
Diary of William Barret Travis, August 30, 1833-June 26, 1834
Evacuation of Texas. Translations of the Representation Addressed to the Supreme Government. By Gen. Vicente Filisola, in Defence of His Honor. And Explanation of His Operations As Commander-in-Chief of the Army Against Texas.
The Taft Ranch, A Texas Principality
Across the Tracks
Century of Conflict: 1821-1913; Incidents in the Lives of William Neale and William Alfred Neale, Early Settlers in South Texas.
Eagle Pass or Life on the Border
Waco and McLennan County, Texas
Gideon Lincecum 1793-1874: A Biography
Conquest Or Failure? A Biography of J. Frank Norris

Issue 3

History Looking Ahead: the Present and Future of the Texas State Historical Association * (Illustration)
The Second Battle for the Alamo (Illustration)
An Analysis of The Texas Know Nothings (Illustration)
The Publication of Austin's Louisville Address by Rebecca Smith Lee
Red River County, Texas, in the 1920's: A landlocked Frontier by Neal A. Baker, Jr.
Notes and Documents
Some Early Letters of Moses Austin Bryan Edited by Gerald S. Pierce
A Whole People Indicted Edited by E. W. Bowers
Telamon Cuyler's Diary: To Texas in 1888 Edited by John Hammond Moore
Texas Collection by Joe B. Frantz
Book Reviews
Exploration and Empires: The Explorer and the Scientist in the Winning of the American West.
The Great American Desert, Then And Now
Bankers and Cattlemen
Memoranda and Official Correspondence Relating to the Republic of Texas, Its History and Annexation
Turner, Bolton, Webb: Three Historians of the American Frontier
Pioneer Surveyor, Frontier Lawyer: The Personal Narrative of O. W. Williams, 1877-1902
This Stubborn Soil
The Ku Klux Klan in the Southwest
Heroes of Texas
The Presidio La Bahia Del Espiritu Santo De Zuniga, 1721-1846
Goliad: One-Hundred Thirty Years After
The Cross Timbers: Memories of a North Texas Boyhood
The First Century of Scottish Rite Masonry in Texas, 1867-1967
Of Money And Men
The First Fifty Years of the Southern Pine Association
My Diary
John Selman, Texas Gunfighter
The Aaron Burr Conspiracy and A New Light on Aaron Burr
An Administrative History of NASA, 1958-1963
Book Note

Issue 4

The KGC Texas, 1860-1861 by Roy Sylvan Dunn
The Callahan Expedition of 1855: Indians or Negroes? * by Ronnie C. Tyler
Texas Redskins in Confederate Gray by Howard N. Martin
Notes and Documents
Across Texas in 1767: The Travels of Captain Pagès Edited by Marilyn McAdams Sibley
Records of the Confederate Military Commission in San Antonio, July 2~October 10, 1862 Edited by Alwyn Barr
Texas Collection by Joe B. Frantz
Book Reviews
Dividing the Waters: A Century of Controversy Between the United States and Mexico
Major Trends in Mexican Philosophy
The Indian Papers of Texas and the Southwest, 1825-1916
Frontier Forts of Texas
Pershing's Mission in Mexico
Tales of Frontier Texas, 1830-1860
Notes on Some Phases of Cotton Operations, 1905-1929 Growth of the Business of Anderson, Clayton & Co.
Green Russell and Gold
A Room for the Night: Hotels of the Old West
A History of Hopkins County, Texas
Treasury of Frontier Relics: A Collector's Guide
Charles M. Russell: Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture in the Amon G. Carter Collection
Book Notes


Issue 1
Taylor’s Trail in Texas: Map: Taylor’s Trail in Texas
Tenoxtitlan, Dream Capital of Texas: Figure: Lieutenant Colonel Francisco Ruiz. Founder of Tenoxtitlan; Map: Showing location of Brazos encampment and Tenoxtitlan; Map: Showing how to reach the site of Tenoxtitlan today
Affairs of the Association; Photograph: J. P. Bryan
Issue 2
Issue 3
The Second Battle for the Alamo: Figures: Clara Driscoll; Adina de Zavala; Map: The Seige of the Alamo; Photograph: Alamo Plaza, circa 1880; Photograph: After the second battle for the Alamo
An Analysis of the Texas Know Nothings: Chart: Texas Know Nothing Leaders with a Summary of Biographical Data
History Looking Ahead: Photograph: George P. Isbell
Issue 4