SHQ Online Vol 068

07/1964 - 04/1965

Issue 1

Edward Dixon Westfall: Early Texas Climatologist, Philosopher, and Philanthropist (Illustration) by Kathryn and Irwin Sexton
Judge William Pinckney Hill Aids the Confederate War Effort by Nowlin Randolph
Count Joseph Telfener and the New York, Texas, and Mexican Railway Company by John C. Rayburn
Adam Lawrence of New Year Creek (Illustration) by John P. Landers
Edwin Theodore Dumble (Illustration) by James R. Underwood, Jr.
Notes and Documents
E. M. Pease's Account of the Texas Revolution Edited by Katherine Hart and Elizabeth Kemp
The Raven Tamed An 1845 Sam Houston Letter Edited by F. N. Boney
Affairs of the Association
Texas Collection by H. Bailey Carroll
Book Reviews
The Matador Land and Cattle Company
The Episcopal Church in Texas, 1838-1874
If I Can Do It Horseback
Pioneer Printer
History of Travis County and Austin, 1839-1899
Education and Masonry in Texas to 1846
Negro Frontiersman
General Tom Green
History of Fort Bend County
Book Notes

Issue 2

With Henty In Texas: A Tale of a Boy's Historian by James Lea Cate
Unionism in Texas, 1856-1861 by Frank H. Smyrl
Sarah Bernhardt in Texas by C. Richard King
The Texas Coal Mining Industry by Dwight F. Henderson
Belgium's Relations With Texas and the United States, 1839-1844 by Pierre Henri Laurent
George Washington Littlefield Portrait of a Cattleman* by David B. Gracy, II
Notes and Documents
Confederate Beef Packing at Jefferson, Texas by Allan C. Ashcraft
Texas Collection (Illustration) by H. Bailey Carroll
Book Reviews
The Legal Heritage of El Paso
Rebellious Ranger: Rip Ford and the Old Southwest
Prologue to Conflict
Andy Adams: His Life and Writings
The Viceregency of Antonio Maria Bucareli in New Spain, 1771-1779
From Cab to Caboose: Fifty Years of Railroading
Whistle in the Piney Woods: Paul Bremond and the Houston, East and West Texas Railway
House Journal of the Ninth Legislature Regular Session of the State of Texas, November 4, 1861-January 14, 1862
Fort Davis Texas, 1583-1960
Autumn's Mightiest Legions: History of Texas Schoolboy Football

Issue 3

The Origin and Development of the Arabian Horse* (Illustration) by Leon B. Blair
The Methodist Episcopal Church and the Civil Disturbances in North Texas in 1859 and 1860 by Wesley Norton
Vince's Bridge Question Mark of the San Jacinto Campaign (Illustration) by George L. Charlton
Rutherford B. Hayes's Horseback Ride Through Texas by Claude Michael Gruener
Humphrey Jackson, Alcalde of San Jacinto by Andrew Forest Muir
Notes and Documents
Sidelights and Supplements on the Perote Prisoners Edited by Llerena B. Friend
Texas Collection by H. Bailey Carroll
Book Reviews
The Chief Executive in Texas
An Abstract of the Original Titles of Record in the General Land Office
Texas Avenue at Main Street
Let There Be Light
Coryell County Scrapbook
The Lone Star Defenders
The First Texas Cook Book
Gay as a Grig
The United States versus Porfirio Díaz
Book Notes

Issue 4

Highlights of the Development of Manufacturing in Texas 1900-1960 by Edwin L. Caldwell
Benjamin Théron and French Designs in Texas During the Civil War by Carland Elaine Crook
Norris Wright Cuney and Texas Republican Politics, 1883-1896 by Paul Douglas Casdorph
The Railroad Commission of Texas Its Origin and History by James R. Norvell
Notes and Documents
Samuel T. Allen and the Texas Revolution Edited by Marc S. Simmons
Sidelights and Supplements on the Perote Prisoners Edited by Llerena B. Friends
Texas Collection (Illustration) by H. Bailey Carroll
Book Reviews
Cow People
Albert Sidney Johnston, Soldier of Three Republics
A Narrative of the Capture and Subsequent Sufferings of the Mier Prisoners in Mexico
Julien Sidney Devereux and his Monte Verdi Plantation
The Confederate Quartermaster in the Trans-Mississippi
Polignac's Texas Brigade
The Civil War Letters of David R. Garrett Detailing the Adventures of the 6th Texas Cavalry, 1861-1865
The Adventures of a Prisoner of War 1863-1864
The Sea Was His Mistress
A Thousand Months to Remember
Men of Ingenuity From Beneath the Orange Tower, 1884-1964: The College of Engineering of The University of Texas
One League to Each Wind, Accounts of Early Surveying in Texas
Party and Factional Division in Texas
The First Twenty Years of The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute
Book Notes


Issue 1
Edward Dixon Westfall: Figure: Edward Dixon Westfall; Photograph: Westfall Branch of the San Antonio Public Library
Adam Lawrence of New Year Creek: Figure: Adam Lawrence of New Year Creek
Edwin Theodore Dumble: Figure: Edwin Theodore Dumble; Photograph: J. A. Udden, E. T. Dumble, and W. F. Cummings in East Texas, August, 1916
Issue 2
Texas Collection: Photograph: The Ima Hogg
Issue 3
Origin and Development of the Arabian Horse: Photograph: "Soucieux," the Barbary Arabian stallion sent to Texas by King of Hassan II of Morocco
Vince's Bridge: Map: The Site of Vince’s Bridge
Issue 4
Texas Collection: Photograph: Sam Houston’s Log School House