SHQ Online Vol 063

07/1959 - 04/1960

Issue 1

Scudder's Journey to Texas, 1859 by Ellen Bartlett Ballou (Illustration)
"The Dallas Spirit": The Last Fool Flight by Ted Dealey (Illustration)
The Mooar Brothers, Buffalo Hunters by Wayne Gard (Illustration)
Benjamin Lundy in Texas by Merton L. Dillon
The Ames Case Revisited by James R. Norvell
The Great Pearl Hunt at Caddo Lake by Katherine Williams (Illustration)
Notes and Documents
Thomas W. Bell Letters Edited by Llerena Friend
Piñeda's Sketch by John G. Farmer (Illustration)
Affairs of the Association (Illustration)
Texas Collection by H. Bailey Carroll (Illustration)
Book Reviews
Love is a Wild Assault
Will Clayton
History of Blinn College, 1883-1958
The Camp, the Bivouac, and the Battlefield
Reluctant Empire
Essays in Mexican History
Saga of Anderson

Issue 2

Preseving Old Homes in Texas by Katherine Hart
Coronado by J. W. Williams (Illustration)
The Texas-New Mexico Boundary Dispute Along the Rio Grande by J. J. Bowden (Illustration)
The Muddy Brazos in Early Texas by Nan Thompson Ledbetter (Illustration)
A History of Kídd-Key College by Ruth O. Domatti (Illustration)
The First Iron Furnace in Texas by Robert L. Jones
Charles Drake Ferris, Unknown Veteran of San Jacinto by Walter McCausland (Illustration)
Notes and Documents
Thomas W.Bell Letters Edited by Llerena Friend
Texas Collection by H. Bailey Carroll
Book Reviews
Spanish Explorers in the Southern United States, 1528-1543 Spanish Exploration in the Southwest, 1542-1706
Letters From A Texas Sheep Ranch
The West Is for Us
The Families Geddie & McPhail
Twenty-four Years a Cowboy and Ranchman in Southern Texas and Old Mexico
The Cattlemen
La Reunion, a French Settlement in Texas
A No Man's Land Becomes a County

Issue 3

Emma Altgelt's Sketches of Life in Texas by Henry B. Dielmann (Illustration)
The Death of Senator Coke by Merle Mears Duncan (Illustration)
The History of Hempstead and the Formation of Waller County, Texas by Frank MacD. Spindler
The City of Austin on the Eve of the Civil War by Larry Jay Gage (Illustration)
Some Plans for British Immigration to Texas in 1849 and 1850 by Wilbur S. Shepperson
Notes and Documents
A Letter of the Bishop of Galveston, 1861 Translated and edited by Willard E. Wight
Stephen F. Austin-Charles G. Sayre Correspondence Contributed by Walter E. Grover (Illustration)
Thomas W. Bell Letters Edited by Llerena Friend
Texas Collection by H. Bailey Carroll
Book Reviews
James Stephen Hogg, a Biography
Recollections of Early Texas
Who Rush to Glory
Texas Indian Papers, 1825-1843
"With His Pistol in His Hand"

Issue 4

The United States Cavalry and the Texas Rangers by Henry W. Barton
The Georgia Battalion in the Texas Revolution by Jewel Davis Scarborough
McKenzie College by John D. Osburn (Illustration)
Carry Nation in Texas by Sam Woolford
An Evaluation of the Texas Navy by Tom H. Wells (Illustration)
Notes and Documents
History of the Texas Navy Edited by George F. Haugh
Mathew Caldwell and the Texan Santa Fe Expedition Edited by George Nielsen
The Bellevue Tornado of April 26, 1906 Contributed by Catherine Young Clack
Thomas W. Bell Letters Edited by Llerena Friend
Texas Collection by H. Bailey Carroll (Illustration)
Book Reviews
The Spanish Element in Texas Water Law
Water for the Future: Resources of the Texas Gulf Basin (Vol. I) Economic Potential of the Texas Gulf Basin (Vol. II) Trading Areas in the Texas Gulf Basin (Vol. Ill) Water Requirements in the Texas Gulf Basin (Vol. IV)
The Life of George Fisher (1795-1873) and the History of the Fisher Family in Mississippi
General Stand Watie's Confederate Indians


Issue 1
Scudder's Journey to Texas, 1859: Photograph: Horace Elisha Scudder, 1838-1902
"The Dallas Spirit": Photograph: Captain William P. Erwin, pilot of the Dallas Spirit; Photograph: Captain Erwin during one of the preliminary tests of the ‘Dallas Spirit;’ Photograph: Captain and Mrs. William P. Erwin in the ‘Dallas Spirit;’ Photograph: Captain Erwin and his navigator, Alvin H. Eichwaldt; Photograph: Captain Erwin with Major Edgar Tobin of San Antonio
The Mooar Brothers, Buffalo Hunters: Photograph: J. Wright Mooar; Photograph: John W. Mooar
The Great Pearl Hunt at Caddo Lake: Photograph: A group of pearl hunters at Potter's Point
Notes and Documents: Piñeda’s Sketch: Map: The First Map of Texas
Affairs of the Association: Photograph: Mrs. Merle Duncan; Photograph: Mrs. Merle Duncan with Governor Price Daniel; Photograph: Claude Elliott, 1896-1958
Texas Collection: Figure: The Williams-Tucker House, built in Galveston between 1838 and 1840
Issue 2
Coronado: Map: Coronado’s Visit to Texas; Map: Coronado’s Journey into Texas and the Army’s Return
The Texas-New Mexico Boundary Dispute: Map: Plat showing the approximate location of the boundary line; Map: The Santa Teresa Grant; Map: New Mexico’s intrusion into Texas; Map: Diagram showing relation of New Mexico-Texas Boundary line between monuments 98 and 101 to Santa Fe Ry and to US Highway 80A
The Muddy Brazos: Map: Brazos River Basin in Texas
A History of Kidd-Key College: Photograph: Mrs. Lucy Ann Kidd-Key, 1839-1916; Figure: Sherman High School (1866); Figure: The first graduating class of the North Texas Female College; Photograph: A view of the Kidd-Key College Campus in the 1920s
Charles Drake Ferris: Figure: Charles Drake Ferris, 1812-ca. 1850; Figure: A sketch of the San Jacinto Battlefield, June 15, 1836
Issue 3
Emma Altgelt's Sketches of Life in Texas: Photograph: The entrance façade of the Altgelt House; Photograph: The Altgelt House on King William Street, San Antonio
The Death of Senator Coke: Figure: Senator Coke’s state funeral, Waco; Figure: … a bolt of lightning struck a tree some sixty feet from the principals in the funeral ceremony; Photograph: On September 13, 1898, Senator Coke’s memorial statue was unveiled …; Photograph: The Coke-Wallace monuments
The City of Austin on the Eve of the Civil War: Photograph: The Old Capitol Building, begun on July 3, 1852; Photograph: Austin street scene: Congress Avenue in the 1860s
Stephen F. Austin-Charles G. Sayre Correspondence: Figure: Stephen F. Austin;
Issue 4
McKenzie College: Figure: Erected in 1853, J. W. P. McKenzie's residence, 'Itinerant Retreat,' also served as a dormitory for girls; Figure: The McKenzie College Chapel, a three-story structure built in 1853; Figure: A. B. diploma granted to henry Clay Orr by McKenzie College on July 4, 1861
An Evaluation of the Texas Navy: Map: The Campeche Campaign, 1843
Texas Collection: Photograph: Claude Elliott, 1896-1958; Photograph: Eugene C. Barker, 1874-1956; Reproduction: Eugene C. Barker letter to Alex Dienst; Alone but not deserted