SHQ Online Vol 057

07/1953 - 04/1954

Issue 1

Jacksonian Liberalism and Spanish Law in Early Texas by Gerald Ashford
A Statistical Review of the Settlement of the Peters Colony, 1841-1848 by Seymour V. Connor
T. L. Nugent, Texas Populist by Wayne Alvord
The Monetary History of the Republic of Texas by Edward W. Heusinger
Notes and Documents
A Note on the Death of John Bell Hood H. T. Engelhardt
A Confederate Texas Letter by Leon Durst
Affairs of the Association
Texas Collection by H. Bailey Carroll
Photograph: Logan Wilson
Photograph: John A. McCurdy, E. H. Sollards, Logan Wilson, Allan Shivers, Paul Wakefield, H. Bailey Carroll, and A. Garland Adair
Book Reviews
The Great Frontier
Big Bend
The Comanches, Lords of the South Plains
The Typical Texan
Texas Seaport
Guide to Life and Literature of the Southwest
Early Man in America
The Road to Santa Fe
Doctors in Blue
Agricultural Discontent in the Middle West, 1900-1939
Come an' Get It
Book Notes

Issue 2

The First State Fair of Texas by Hortense Warner Ward
Texas Money by Louis Lenz
The Taovayas Indians in Frontier Trade and Diplomacy, 1769-1779 by Elizabeth Ann Harper
Travel Books on Texas Published in Foreign Countries, 1900-1950 by Lawrence S. Thompson
Notes and Documents
Texas Letter from John Hemphill to his Brother, James, in Tennessee by Arthur Beckwith
Texas Collection by H. Bailey Carroll
Photograph: Alexander Moffit, Robert B. Wilkes, H. Bailey Carroll, and Q. S. Franks
Book Reviews
Samuel Maverick, Texan: 1803-1870
The Constitutional Principles of Thomas Jefferson
Mary Lincoln, Biography of a Marriage
Virginia's Eastern Shore
Myths and Realities
"CO. AYTCH," Maury Grays, First Tennessee Regiment, or A Side Show of the Big Show by Sam R. Watkins
Bartolomé de las Casas, Historian
The Teaching of History in the United States La Enseñanza de la Historia en México
Book Notes

Issue 3

Dr. Ferdinand Herff Pioneer Physician and Surgeon by Henry B. Dielmann
Border Raids in the Lower Rio Grande Valley-1915 by Charles C. Cumberland
Relations of the Republic of Texas and the Republic of the Rio Grande by David M. Vigness
Lorenzo de Zavala and the Texas Revolution by Raymond Estep
A Check List of Theses and Dissertations in Texas History 1907-1952
Notes and Documents Compiled and edited by Claude Elliott
Address to the People of the State of Texas
Texas Collection by H. Bailey Carroll
Photograph: Logan Wilson and H. Bailey Carroll
Book Reviews
The Tidelands Oil Controversy
Jefferson, Texas, Queen of the Cypress
Economics of Natural Gas in Texas
Texas Lawyer
Cattle Brands and Cow Hides
Changing Military Patterns on the Great Plains.
Wagon Roads West; A Study of Federal Road Surveys and Construction in the Trans-Mississippi West, 1846-1869.
Artists and Illustrators of the Old West: 1850-1900
Fortune Favors the Brave
Fleur de Lys and Calumet
The Territorial Papers of the United States
The Mexican Venture
Book Notes

Issue 4

German-American Newspapers in Texas with Special Reference to the Texas Volksblatt, 1877-1879 by T. Herbert Etzler
The Initial Homestead Exemption in Texas by Lena London
Nicholas P. Trist and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo by Robert A. Brent
A Check List of Theses and Dissertations in Texas History 1907-1952 Compiled and edited by Claude Elliott
Texas Collection by H. Bailey Carroll
Book Reviews
Gulf to Rockies
A History of the Texas Medical Association, 1853-1953
Les Aventures au Mexique et au Texas du Colonel Ellis Peter Bean (1783-1846); Ses Memoires
Sugar Country
Westward the Briton
American Rebels
Book Notes