SHQ Online Vol 050

07/1946 - 04/1947

Issue 1

Texas and the Oil Industry by C. A. Warner
Reminiscences of Sour Lake by Charlie Jeffries
Spindletop by Boyce House
Electra, A Texas Oil Town by Abby Wheelis Cooper
The Annexation of Texas by Eugene C. Barker
Early Times in New Braunfels and Comal County by Rudolph L. Biesele
Notes and Documents
Texas vs. Louisiana, 1849 by Barnes F. Lathrop
A Sketch History of San Saba County, Texas by Alice Gray Upchurch
Affairs of the Association
Texas Collection by H. Bailey Carroll
Painting: Treaty of Peace by John O. Meusebach and Colonists with the Comanche Indians, March 2, 1847
Book Reviews
Maverick Town
Robert E. Lee in Texas
The Last Trek of the Indians
Three New Mexico Chronicles
General George Crook: His Autobiography
Rochester: The Water-Power City, 1812-1854
Book Notes

Issue 2

The Apache Indians in Texas by Frank D. Reeve
Texana in the Nation's Capital * by Luther H. Evans
Map: Stephen F. Austin's Map of Texas: 1837
The Czechs in Texas by Henry R. Maresh
Map: Czech Settlements of Texas in Relation to Soil Regions & Topography
The Kerrville Cedar Axe by Gene Hollon
Figure: Evolution of the Cedar Axe
Digest of Congressional Action on the Annexation of Texas December, 1844, to March, 1845 by Sarah Elizabeth Lewis
Texas Collection by H. Bailey Carroll
Book Reviews
Hubert Howe Bancroft, Historian of the West
Against the Current: The Life of Karl Heinzen
Saints and Strangers
The United States, 1865-1900: A Survey of Current Literature with Abstracts of Unpublished Dissertations
Memoirs of Elisha Oscar Crosby: Reminiscences of California and Guatemala from 1849 to 1864
Book Note

Issue 3

Alabama and the Texas Revolution by Claude Elliot
George Bannerman Dealey by Sam Acheson
Portrait: George Bannerman Dealey
The Burning Bush by Edwin Smyrl
Four Texas Publishers by Herbert Fletcher
Lizzie E. Johnson: A Cattle Queen of Texas by Emily Jones Shelton
Figure: Wedding Photograph of Lizzie Johnson and Hezekiah Williams
Early Days in Milam County: Reminiscences of Susan Turnham McCown Edited by L. W. Kemp
Map: Milam County in 1858
Texas Collection by H. Bailey Carroll
Book Reviews
Horticulture and Horticulturists in Early Texas
Seargent S. Prentiss, Whig Orator of the Old South
Richard Peters: Provincial Secretary and Cleric, 1704-1776
Of the Night Wind's Telling
Book Notes

Issue 4

The Texas Almanac, 1857-1873 by Stuart McGregor
Colonizing Projects in Texas South of the Nueces, 1820-1845 by LeRoy P. Graf
Union Sentiment in Texas 1861-1865 by Claude Elliott
Recollections of the Establishment of the Texas Railroad Commission by M. M. Crane
Notes and Documents
A Note on Chambersia by Katharine S. Evans
Photograph: Chambersia in 1947
Geographic Notes on Spanish Texas El Orcoquisac and Los Horconsítos by Harbert Davenport
Map: Lower Trinity River Region of Texas
The Bexar Archives by Malcolm D. McLean
G. B. Dealey and the Preservation of Texas History by Alonzo Wasson
Texas Collection by H. Bailey Carroll
Book Reviews
The Fergusons of Texas
A Westerly Trend
River of the Sun: Stories of the Storied Gila
The Letters of Quintus Curtius Snodgrass
Experiment in Rebellion
The Quest of American Life
Book Notes