SHQ Online Vol 046

07/1942 - 04/1943

Issue 1

The Lights of the Alamo by Charlie Jeffries
Sam Houston's Retreat by Wm. T. Riviere
The Death of Nocona and the Recovery of Cynthia Ann Parker Edited by Rupert N. Richardson
Life of General Don Manuel de Mier y Teran by Ohland Morton
Bibliography of Tyler and Smith County by Hampson Gary
Memorial Robert Thomas Hill by W. E. Wrather
Photograph: Robert Thomas Hill
Texas Collection by Walter Prescott Webb
Letter and Documents: Spain's Indian Policy in Texas
Letter and Documents: Dr John Sibley and the Louisiana-Texas Frontier, 1803-1814
Affairs of the Association
Book Reviews
Star of the Wilderness
Legends of the Red River Valley
A History of the Texas Railroads and of Transportation Conditions under Spain and Mexico and the Republic and the State
Citadel Cadets: The Journal of Cadet Tom Law
Papers of Edward P. Costigan Relating to the Progressive Movement in Colorado, 1902-1917
From Candles to Footlights: A Biography of Pike's Peak Theatre, 1859-1876
The Defenses of Spanish Florida, 1565 to 1763
An Apache Life-Way: The Economic, Social and Religious Institutions of the Chiricahua Indians
Humanistic Studies in Honor of John Calvin Metcalf
The Parliamentary Abbots to 1470: A Study in English Constitutional History
Mexican Government Publications
Book Notes and Acknowledgement

Issue 2

Moscoso's Journey Through Texas by Rex W. Strickland
Map: Moscoso's Journey Through Texas
Moscoso's Trail in Texas by J. W. Williams
The Expedition of Luís de Moscoso in Texas in 1542 by Albert Woldert
Map: Route of Luís de Moscoso in Texas in 1542
Texas Collection by Walter Prescott Webb
Book Reviews
Biographical Directory of the Texan Conventions and Congresses, 1832-1845
Texas Newspapers, 1813-1939
Twentieth Century Texas
Border Boss: Captain John R. Hughes, Texas Ranger
Mesquite Does Bloom
Propaganda and the American Revolution, 1763-1783
The Man Who Sold Louisiana
Billy King's Tombstone
The Unpublished Letters of Adolphe F. Bandelier: Concerning the Writing and Publication of The Delight Makers
Book Notes and Acknowledgements

Issue 3

Early Texas and the National Archives by Ralph G. Lounsbury
The Free Negro in Harris County Texas by Andrew Forest Muir
Life of General Don Manuel de Mier y Teran by Ohland Morton
Simms' Michael Bonham a "Forgotten" Drama of the Texas Revolution by William Stanley Hoole
Texas Collection by H. Bailey Carroll
Letters and Documents: Doctor John Sibley and the Lousiana-Texas Frontier, 1803-1814
Affairs of the Association
Book Reviews
Between Sun and Sod
Guadal P'a: The Journal of Lieutenant J. W. Abert, from Bent's Fort to St. Louis in 1845
Land Hunger: David L. Payne and the Oklahoma Boomers
Oklahoma: A Guide to the Sooner State
Crusaders of the Rio Grande: The Story of Don Diego de Vargas and the Reconquest and Refounding of New Mexico
Pagans Praying
Children Sing in New Mexico
Louisiana in the Confederacy
Louisiana Redeemed
Possum Trot. Rural Community, South. By H. C. Nixon.
The Cheyenne Way. Conflict and Case Law in Primitive Jurisprudence
Filosofia y Letras, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Book Notes and Acknowledgments

Issue 4

The Eugene C. Barker Portrait by J. Evetts Haley, Homer Price Rainey and Eugene C. Barker
Portrait: Eugene C. Barker
Native Latin American Contribution to the Colonization and Independence of Texas by Eugene C. Barker
Check List of Texas Imprints, 1846-1876 Edited by E. W. Winkler
Texas Collection by H. Bailey Carroll
Affairs of the Association
Book Reviews
History of Refugio Mission
The First National in Dallas
Revolt of the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico and Otermin's Attempted Reconquest, 1680-1682
Flush Production: The Epic of Oil in the Gulf Southwest
The Butterfield Overland Mail
The Flag of the United States
From Barter to Slavery. The Economic Relations of Portuguese and Indians in the Settlement of Brazil, 1500-1580
The History of Historical Writing
Book Notes and Acknowledgments