SHQ Online Vol 044

07/1940 - 04/1941

Issue 1

The Lost Journals of a Southwestern Frontiersman by Paul Horgan
Two Texas Patriots by Hugh H. Young
Figure: General Hugh Franklin Young
Figure: General William Hugh Young
The Cooperative Movement in Texas, 1870-1900 by Ralph Smith
Nolan's "Lost Nigger" Expedition of 1877 by H. Bailey Carroll
Documents Relating to Pierre LaFfite's Entrance into the Service of Spain by Harris Gaylord Warren
Spain's Indian Policy in Texas by J. Villasana Haggard
A Letter Book of Joseph Eve Part IV by Joseph Milton Nance
Texas Collection by Walter Prescott Webb
Affairs of the Association
Junior Historians
Book Reviews
Our Catholic Heritage in Texas, 1519-1936
The Redlander
Jamestown and St. Mary's. Buried Cities of Romance
The Constitutional History of the United States, 1826-1876
Freedom of Thought in the Old South
Foreigners in the Confederacy
Simon Bolivar Buckner: Borderland Knight
Border Captives
An Appraisal of Walter Prescott Webb's The Great Plains
The Changing West. An Economic Theory About Our Golden Age
The Course of American Democratic Thought
Book Notes and Acknowledgments

Issue 2

Confederate Western Ambitions by W. H. Watford
Law and Lawlessness on the Texas Frontier, 1875-1890 by W. C. Holden
De Bellisle on the Texas Coast by Henri Folmer
Map: Carte de la Coste de Louisiane
Spain's Indian Policy In Texas by J. Villasana Haggard
Texas Collection by Walter Prescott Webb
Affairs of the Association
Junior Historians
Book Reviews
Local and State Government in Texas
The New England Mind
Jonathan Edwards, 1703-1758
Narratives of the Coronado Expedition, 1540-1542
Life in the Rocky Mountains. A Diary of Wanderings on the Sources of the Rivers Missouri, Columbia, and Colorado from February, 1830, to November, 1835
Pascua, A Yaqui Indian Village in Arizona
Our Southwest
Guatemala, Past and Present
Haiti and the United States, 1714-1938
British Policy on War Debts and Reparations
Casebook in American Business History
Book Notes and Acknowledgments

Issue 3

The Knights of the Golden Circle: A Filibustering Fantasy by C. A. Bridges
Oil, the Courts, and the Railroad Commission by James P. Hart
The Van Dorn Trails by J. W. Williams
Map: Van Dorn's Trails 1858 – 1859
The History of Texas Counties by Ruby Mixon
E. L. Shettles, Man, Bookman and Friend by J. Frank Dobie
Christmas and New Year in Texas by Walter Prescott Webb
Affairs of the Association
Junior Historians
Book Reviews
Presidential Elections
American Studies in Honor of William Kenneth Boyd
A Diplomatic History of the American People
The Circuit Rider Dismounts. A Social History of Southern Methodism, 1865-1900
The Negro in North Carolina Politics Since Reconstruction
A Surgeon's Autobiography
Texas Letters
Captain Lee Hall of Texas
Texas: A Guide to the Lone Star State
Wave of the Gulf
Federal Control of the Western Apaches, 1848-1886
The Chorti Indians of Guatemala
Book Notes and Acknowledgments

Issue 4

The Life of Colonel R. T. Milner by Rosalind Langston
The Alamo by Maury Maverick
Rampant Individualism in the Republic of Texas by William Ransom Hogan
Memories of a Texas Land Commissioner, W. C. Walsh Contributed by Charles W. Ramsdell, Jr.
Texas Collection by Walter Prescott Webb
Affairs of the Association
Book Reviews
The Argyle Cook Book
Mustangs and Cow Horses
Port Arthur
The Irrepressible Democrat: Roger Williams
Slavery Times in Kentucky
Edward Livingston
The Birth of Kansas
Coronado's Quest: The Discovery of the Southwestern States
Teodoro de Croix and the Northern Frontier of New Spain, 1776-1783
The Gaucho Martin Fierro
Book Notes and Acknowledgments