SHQ Online Vol 041

07/1937 - 04/1938

Issue 1

Statement by the Editors
Publications of the Texas State Historical Association, July, 1897, Through April, 1937 by Coral H. Tullis
The Free Negro in the Republic of Texas Chapter VI by Harold Schoen
Book Reviews
The Harkness Collection in the Library of Congress. Documents from Early Peru
After Coronado, Spanish Exploration Northeast of New Mexico, 1696-1727. Documents from the Archives of Spain, Mexico, and New Mexico.
Inventory of the Colonial Archives of Texas, 1821-1837
Deutsche Schriften in Texas
A Historical, Political, and Natural Description of California by Pedro Fages, Soldier of Spain
Notes and Fragments of the Mier Expedition
Book Notes
Affairs of the Association

Issue 2

The Journey of Pedro de Rivera, 1724-1728 by Retta Murphy
Andrew Jackson and the Erving Affidavit by R. R. Stenberg
The Builders of San Xavier del Bac by Marion A. Habig, O. F. M.
An Episode in the Texas Career of General David E. Twiggs by Col. M. L. Crimmins
Historical Notes by Walter Prescott Webb
Book Reviews
A Report on the Spanish Archives in San Antonio, Texas
American Political and Social History
Life and Memoirs of Emil Frederick Wurzbach, to which is appended some Papers of John Meusebach.
A Check List of Manuscripts in the Edward E. Ayer Collection
With the Makers of San Antonio: Genealogies of the Early Latin, Anglo-American, and German Families . . . with a Brief Historical Sketch and Illustrations
Franciscan History of North America: Report of the Eighteenth Annual Meeting, Santa Barbara, California, August 2-4, 1936

Issue 3

Almonte's Inspection of Texas in 1834 by Helen Willits Harris
Locations of the Early Spanish Missions and Presidio in Nacogdoches County by R. B. Blake
Analysis of the Work of the General Council, Provisional Government of Texas, 1835-1836 II by Ralph W. Steen
Historical Notes by Walter Prescott Webb
Book Reviews
Divided We Stand
Naturalists of the Frontier
Indians and Pioneers
Social Anthropology of North American Tribes
Military Posts and Camps in Oklahoma
Henry Clay and the Whig Party
The Southwest in International Affairs
Journal of a Cruise to the Pacific Ocean, 1842-1844, in the Frigate United States, with Notes on Herman Melville
A History of the South, 1607-1936
The Old South: The Geographical, Economic, Social, Political, and Cultural Expansion, Institutions, and Nationalism of the ante-bellum South
Machine Politics in New Orleans, 1897-1926
The Colonial Period of American History
Population Distribution in Colonial America
Book Notes and Acknowledgments

Issue 4

Santa Anna's Last Dictatorship, 1853-1855 by Richard A. Johnson
The Mezquia Diary of the Alarcon Expedition into Texas, 1718 by Fritz L. Hoffman
Analysis of the Work of the General Council, Provisional Government of Texas, 1835-1836, III by Ralph W. Steen
Book Reviews
Dictionary of American Biography
The Colonial Period of American History. The Settlements.
Presidential Politics in the United States, 1841-1844
The Civil War and Reconstruction
The West in American History
The Changing West and Other Essays
The Marcus W. Jernegan Essays in American Historiography
A History of American History
Historical Documents Relating to New Mexico, Nueva Vizcaya, and Approaches Thereto, to 1773
Handbook of Latin-American Studies
Memoirs by Antonio Menchaca
Centennial Story of Texas Baptists
An Early History of Fayette County
International Institutions and World Peace
Book Notes
Affairs of the Association