SHQ Online Vol 038

07/1934 - 04/1935

Issue 1

The Grass Lease Fight and Attempted Impeachment of the First Panhandle Judge by J. Evetts Haley
Fort McKavett, Texas by Colonel M. L. Crimmins
Radical Disfranchisement in Texas, 1867-70 by William A. Russ, Jr.
Diary of Adolphus Sterne, XXXII Edited by Harriet Smither
Book Reviews
Advancing the Frontier
The Spur Ranch
Indian Justice
Wild Bill and His Era
Affairs of the Association

Issue 2

Benjamin Rush Milam by Lois Garver
Silent Years in Texas History by C. E. Castañeda
The Texas Frontier, 1848-1861 by A. B. Bender
Diary of Adolphus Sterne Edited by Harriet Smither
Book Reviews
Dictionary of American Biography
Santa Anna, the Napoleon of the West

Issue 3

The Comanchero Trade by J. Evetts Haley
Benjamin Rush Milam by Lois Garver
The Location of the Tejas Indian Village (San Pedro) and the Spanish Missions in Houston County, Texas by Albert Woldert
Diary of Adolphus Sterne, XXXIV Edited by Harriet Smither
Book Reviews
The Rise and Fall of the Choctaw Republic
Tall Tales from Texas Cow Camps
The Life and Diary of Reading W. Black
Give Way to the Right
The Story of Fort Bliss
Mississippi Verse

Issue 4

Slavery Propaganda During the Mexican War by John D. P. Fuller
Letters of the "Dawson Men" from Perote Prison, Mexico, 1842-1843 Edited by L. U. Spellmann
Diary of a Confederate Congressman, 1862-1863, I Edited by Mary S. Estill
Book Reviews
Bernardo de Galvez in Louisiana, 1776-1783
Czech Pioneers of the Southwest
Checklist of Southern Periodicals to 1861
Affairs of the Association