SHQ Online Vol 014

07/1910 - 04/1911

Issue 1

The State Finances of Texas During The Civil War by E. T. Miller
Reminiscences of Henry Smith by Henry Smith
Book Review: Reconstruction in Texas.
Book Review: History of Reconstruction in Louisiana (through 1868).
Book Review: For the Liberty of Texas.
Book Review: Stories of the Great West.
Book Review: The Texas Methodist Historical Quarterly. Vol. I.
Affairs of the Association

Issue 2

The State Finances of Texas During the Reconstruction by E. T. Miller
The City of Austin From 1839 to 1865 by Alex. W. Terrell
The Last Hope of the Confederacy—John Tyler to the Governor and Authorities of Texas With an Introduction by Charles W. Ramsdell
General Volney Erskine Howard by Z. T. Fulmore
Albert Triplett Burnley by Martha A. Burnley
The Release of Stephen F. Austin from Prison
Notes and Fragments.
Affairs of the Association.

Issue 3

Photograph: George Pierce Garrison
George Pierce Garrison by H. Y. Benedict
Stephen F. Austin: A Memorial Address by Alex. W. Terrell
Photograph: Stephen F. Austin
Apache Relations in Texas, 1718-1750 by William Edward Dunn
Affairs of the Association

Issue 4

The Southwestern Boundary of Texas, 1821-1840 by Thomas Maitland Marshall
Some Historical Activities of the Texas Library and Historical Commission by E. W. Winkler
Life of A. Horton and Early Settlement of San Augustine County by A. Horton
Micajah Autry, A Soldier of the Alamo by Adéle B. Looscan
William T. Malone by G. A. McCall
Notes and Fragments
Book Review: British Interests and Activities in Texas, 1838-1846 (The Albert Shaw Lectures on Diplomatic History, 1909).
Affairs of the Association