SHQ Online Vol 010

07/1906 - 04/1907

Issue 1

The Louisiana-Texas Frontier by Isaac Joslin Cox
Land Speculation as a Cause of the Texas Revolution by Eugene C. Barker
Documents Relating to the Organization of the Municipality of Washington, Texas Compiled by E. W. Winkler
Notes and Fragments.
Affairs of the Association.
Book Review: Breaking of the Wilderness; The Story of the Conquest of the Far West, from the Wanderings of Cabeza de Vaca, to the First Descent of the Colorado by Powell, and the Completion of the Union Pacific Railway, with Particular Account of the Exploits of Trappers and Traders

Issue 2

The Founding of Mission Rosario: A Chapter in the History of the Gulf Coast by Herbert E. Bolton
The Seat of Government of Texas I by Ernest William Winkler
Sketch of the Life of Oliver Jones, and of His Wife, Rebecca Jones. by Adele B. Looscan
Notes and Fragments.
Book Review: Indian Fights on Texas Frontier: A History of Exciting Encounters Had with Indians in Hamilton, Comanche, Brown, Erath and Adjoining Counties
Book Review: Under Palmetto and Pine

Issue 3

The Seat of Government of Texas.II by Ernest William Winkler
Drawing: Plan of the City of Austin, Drawn by L. J. Pilie, 1839
A Study of the Route of Cabeza de Vaca I by James Newton Baskett
Book Review: Analytical Index to the Laws of Texas, 1823-1905
Book Review: Westward Extension, 1841-1850

Issue 4

A Glimpse of Albert Sidney Johnston Through the Smoke of Shiloh by J. B. Ulmer
Spanish Mission Records at San Antonio by Herbert E. Bolton
Facsimile of the oldest original entry in the baptismal records of San Francisco Solano
Facsimile of a page from the baptismal records of San Francisco Solano
Facsimile of a page from the marriage records of Mission Nuestra Señora de la Puríssima Concepción
A Study of the Route of Cabeza de Vaca II by James Newton Baskett
Martin McHenry Kenney by Charles W. Ramsdell
A Letter from Mary [Mrs. Moses] Austin.
A Letter from the Army of the Early Republic. by Joshua H. Davis
Book Review: Ramrod Jones, Hunter and Patriot: A Tale of the Texas Revolution against Mexico;
Margaret Ballentine or the Fall of the Alamo: A Romance of the Texas Revolution

Book Review: The Story of Concord
Questions and Answers.
Affairs of the Association.