SHQ Online Vol 001

07/1897 - 04/1898

Issue 1

The Proper Work of the Association by O. M. Roberts
History of Texas Geography by Z. T. Fulmore
Map: Skeleton Map of the Republic of Texas Geography
Tribal Society Among Texas Indians by M. M. Kenney
Editors and Newspapers of Fayette County by Julia Lee Sinks
The Expulsion of the Cherokees from East Texas by John H. Reagan
John Crittenden Duval: The Last Survivor of the Goliad Massacre by William Corner
Photograph: John Crittenden Duval
Map: John Crittenden Duval's Line of Retreat from Goliad
Thomson's Clandestine Passage Around Nacogdoches by W. P. Zuber
The Organization and Objects of the Texas State Historical Association
Issue 2

The Annexation of Texas by Sam Houston
Defunct Counties of Texas by R. L. Batts
Reminiscences of Austin and Old Washington by J. K. Holland
Enduring Laws of the Republic of Texas I by C. W. Raines
The Old Three Hundred: A List of Settlers in Austin's First Colony by Lester G. Bugbee
Fight on the Frio, July 4, 1865 by John S. Ford
Ven. Maria Jesus de Agreda: A Correction by Edmond J. P. Schmitt
Notes and Fragments
Queries and Answers
The Affairs of the Association
Issue 3

Prehistoric Races in Texas by O. M. Roberts
Thoughts on Economic History by Major C. E. Dutton
Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca: A Preliminary Report on his Wanderings in Texas by Miss Brownie Ponton and Bates H. M'Farland
Map: Route of Cabeza de Vaca (proposed in this paper)
J. Pinckney Henderson by F. B. Sexton
Sieur Louis de Saint Denis by Rev. Edmond J. P. Schmitt
Some Obscure Points in the Mission Period of Texas History byWalter Flavius M'Caleb
Notes and Fragments
Questions and Answers
The Affairs of the Association
Issue 4

A History of the Establishment of the University of the State of Texas by O. M. Roberts
The Real Saint-Denis by Lester G. Bugbee
The Old Mexican Fort at Velasco by Adèle B. Looscan
Recollections of Early Schools by M. M. Kenney
Some of My Early Experiences in Texas I by Rosa Kleberg
Notes and Fragments
Questions and Answers
Affairs of the Association