July 2012

July 2012 SHQ Cover
Vol No.: 

El Paso & Southwestern Railroad Rio Grande Bridge, Spanning Rio Grande at Southwestern Railroad, El Paso, El Paso County, TX. Photograph by Bruce Harms. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. In her article “Bridges across the Borderline: The Local Politics of Building the First International Rail Bridges in the Americas at the Two El Pasos, 1880–1883,” Gladys A. Hodges discusses the wheeling and dealing involved in building such imposing structures.

Table of Contents: 

Culture War in Downtown Houston: Jones Hall and the Postwar Battle over Exclusive Space
By Kyle Shelton

Bridges across the Borderline: The Local Politics of Building the First International Rail Bridges in the Americas at the Two El Pasos, 1880–1883
By Gladys A. Hodges

Notes and Documents
“For the Relief of the Texians”: A Theatrical Benefit to Aid the Texas Revolution
By Pat Bozeman

Southwestern Collection

Affairs of the Association

Book Reviews

Jim Kimmel, Exploring the Brazos River: From Beginning to End.
By Kenna Lang Archer

Paul W. Mapp, The Elusive West and the Contest for Empire, 1713–1763.
By Jesús F. de la Teja

Rachel St. John, Line in the Sand: A History of the Western U.S.-Mexico Border.
By Richard Ribb

Douglas Hurt, The Big Empty: The Great Plains in the Twentieth Century.
By Paul H. Carlson

Michelle Nickerson and Darren Dochuk, eds., Sunbelt Rising: The Politics of Space, Place, and Region.
By Char Miller

David Remley, Kit Carson: The Life of an American Border Man.
By Gary L. Cheatham

Rick Miller, Bill Longley: The Mythology of a Gunfighter.
By Robert Christopher Poister

Bob Alexander, Rawhide Ranger, Ira Aten: Enforcing Law on the Texas Frontier.
By Harold J. Weiss Jr.

Gregg Andrews, Thyra J. Edwards: Black Activist in the Global Freedom Struggle.
By Michael Phillips

Thomas M. Hatfield, Rudder: From Leader to Legend.
By James A. Bernsen

Bob Ybarra, My Demons Were Real: Constitutional Lawyer Joseph Calamia’s Journey.
By David Chew

Ricardo Ampudia, Mexicans on Death Row.
By Mitchel P. Roth

Mark Santiago, The Jar of Severed Hands: Spanish Deportation of Apache Prisoners of War, 1710–1810.
By Lance R. Blyth

Wendy St. Jean, Remaining Chickasaw in Indian Territory, 1830s–1907.
By S. Matthew DeSpain

Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert, Education beyond the Mesas: Hopi Students at Sherman Institute, 1902–1929.
By Roger L. Nichols

Sherry L. Smith and Brian Frehner, eds., Indians & Energy: Exploitation and Opportunity in the American Southwest.
By Janne Lahti

Gary W. Gallagher, The Union War.
By Angela F. Murphy

James Marten, Sing Not War: The Lives of Union and Confederate Veterans in Gilded Age America.
By Melanie Kirkland

Deborah and Jon Lawrence, Violent Encounters: Interviews on Western Massacres.
By Aaron Fussell

Bill Neal, Vengeance Is Mine: The Scandalous Love Triangle that Triggered the Boyce-Sneed Feud. 
By Paul N. Spellman 101

Jane Spraggins Wilson and James A. Wilson, Texon: Legacy of an Oil Town.
By Diana Davids Hinton

Sherry Matthews, We Were Not Orphans: Stories from the Waco State Home.
By Thomas L. Charlton

Scott Magelsson and Rhona Justice-Malloy, eds., Enacting History.
By William McWhorter

Gerald Duff, Blue Sabine.
By Steven L. Davis