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The following list includes all of the Texas history quizzes that TSHA has used for our Texas History Contest. The contest quiz will be added to this archive approximately four times each year, after the contest winners are announced.

The questions vary in difficulty, but all can be readily answered with the help of the New Handbook of Texas, or the Handbook of Texas Online. Test your knowledge and learn something new, you will receive your score and the correct answers immediately.

March 2000 -- General Texas History Topics

July 2001 -- Texas Rivers Quiz

September 2001 -- Traveling Through Texas Towns

December 2001 -- Texas Sports History

March 2002 -- A Return to the "Texas History Movies"

June 2002 -- Presidents and Governors

October 2002 -- Texas Greats

January 2003 -- The Great Texas Quiz, Part II

March 2003 -- A Quick Pass Through El Paso History

November 2003 -- Texas Colleges and Universities

December 2004 -- World War II

February 2005 -- The History of Fort Worth

July 2005 -- Texas and the Civil War

November 2005 -- Indians of Texas

March 2006 -- The History of Austin