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Question 1:

Which of the following Texas heroes died in the Alamo in March 1836?

">Davy Crockett
">Jim Bowie
">William Barret Travis
">James E. Stewart
">All of the above

Question 2:

On what date did Texas win its independence from Mexico, at the Battle of San Jacinto?

">July 4, 1776
">March 2, 1836
">March 6, 1836
">April 21, 1836
">December 29, 1845

Question 3:

Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox said after World War II that Texas had contributed a larger percentage of men to the armed forces during that war than any other state. Thirty-three Texans won the Medal of Honor. Which of the following World War II heroes was not born in Texas?

">Lt. Audie L. Murphy - the most highly decorated American in the war
">General Dwight D. Eisenhower - Supreme Allied Commander in Europe
">Admiral Chester Nimitz - Commander of the Pacific Fleet, after the Pearl Harbor attack
">General George S. Patton - Famed Tank Commander in Northern Africa and Europe
">Sailor Doris Miller - African-American hero at Pearl Harbor

Question 4:

All of the esteemed Mexican Texans listed below contributed to the early success of the Republic of Texas, three of whom were among the 56 men who signed the Texas Declaration of Independence. One of them helped win Texas independence at San Jacinto, leading a Tejano unit in the battle. He served in the Senate of the Texas Republic and was later Mayor of San Antonio. Who was he?

">José Rafael Calixto de la Garza
">Juan N. Seguín
">Lorenzo de Zavala
">José Antonio Navarro
">José Francisco Ruiz

Question 5:

What have scholars determined was the real name of "Billy the Kid"?

">William H. Bonney
">Jesse James
">Henry McCarty
">Pat Garrett
">None of the above

Question 6:

Shortly after Texas independence in 1836, the citizens of the new Republic voted to seek annexation by the United States, fearing another attack by Mexico. Strong opposition emerged in the U.S. Congress, led by then congressman John Quincy Adams. In 1845, under President James K. Polk, annexation was finally accomplished. What were the unique aspects of the annexation?

">Texas was able to keep its public lands
">Texas retained the right to split into five states
">Annexation was based on a joint resolution of Congress
">The annexation led to the Mexican American War
">All of the above

Question 7:

René Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, was a famous 17th century explorer who, after discovering the Ohio River, traveled the Mississippi River by canoe to its mouth at the Gulf of Mexico in 1682, and claimed all of the lands drained by that great river in honor of King Louis XIV (thereby creating the name Louisiana). He returned in 1685 from France, with the intention of establishing a permanent settlement near the river. By mistake, he arrived at Matagorda Bay, in present day Texas. Which of his four ships successfully made it back to France?

Saint François")?>">Saint François
">None of the above

Question 8:

Listed below are five noted Texas female authors, along with one of their best known works. According to one New Handbook of Texas contributor, which of these women wrote "the greatest artistic work by a Texas writer"?

Pioneer Women in Texas (1929)")?>">Annie Pickrell - Pioneer Women in Texas (1929)
Texas. Observations Historical, Geographical & (1831)")?>">Mary Austin Holley - Texas. Observations Historical, Geographical & (1831)
Eagle Pass (1852)")?>">Jane Cazneau - Eagle Pass (1852)
Pale Horse, Pale Rider (1939)")?>">Katherine Anne Porter - Pale Horse, Pale Rider (1939)
Remember the Alamo (1888)")?>">Amelia Barr - Remember the Alamo (1888)

Question 9:

At least 189 Texan volunteers died at the Alamo in early March, 1836, but over 340 were killed in the Goliad massacre later that month. Of the few who were spared at Goliad, many owed their lives to a woman later known as "the Angel of Goliad." Who was she?

">Susanna Dickinson
">Francita Alavez
">Eliza Allen Houston
">Minerva Fort Fannin
">Emily D. West

Question 10:

Which of the following Texas governors was elected as a Republican?

">Miriam A. Ferguson
">Ann W. Richards
">Dan Moody
">John Connally
">Edmund J. Davis