A Wild and Vivid Land: An Illustrated History of the South Texas Border

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Jerry Thompson (Author)



With more than 150 images, many never before published, historian Jerry Thompson tells the story of what Pulitzer Prize-winning historian William H. Goetzmann has called "a wild and vivid land." From the Coahuiltecan Indians and the Spanish colonizers along the banks of the Rio Grande, to the cattlemen and wildcatters in the brush country, Thompson details six centuries of exciting history. The book is lavishly illustrated by the work of artists Lino Sánchez y Tapía, Theodore Gentilz, and Frederic Remington and photographers Robert Runyon, E. O. Goldbeck, and Russell Lee, among many others.

The history presented here is distinguished by the author's enthusiasm and love for South Texas. This is the kind of book that causes one to muse and dream on the past. South Texas becomes vivid in the mind-a singular and unforgettable place.

Jerry Thompson is an authority on the Civil War in the Southwest and the history of the Rio Grande frontier.