Valor Across the Lone Star: The Congressional Medal of Honor in Frontier Texas

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Charles M. Neal Jr. (Author)
Foreword by Jerry Thompson



In Valor Across the Lone Star: The Congressional Medal of Honor in Frontier Texas, author Charles M. Neal Jr. takes us back to the Texas frontier during the years of the Civil War and the Texas Indian Wars.

Neal relates in extraordinary detail the exploits of United States soldiers and sailors in battle. Union sail George Bell, although wounded in an assault on the CSS Royal Yacht in Galveston Bay, forced fleeing crew members to return their launch to the ship to rescue other sailors, then guided the launch away from the scene to safety. John Ward reminded fellow Seminole-Negro scouts Pompey Factor and Isaac Payne, "We can't leave the Lieutenant, boys!" and Factor and Payne provided the covering fire necessary for Ward to rescue Lt. John L. Bullis, who had fallen from his horse, when the four-man detachment was outgunned at the Eagle Nest Crossing of the Pecos River.

Neal has, in the words of noted historian Jerry Thompson, "produced an excellent survey of brave and exemplary men." Valor Across the Lone Star includes several appendices that list all Texas medal of Honor recipients from the Civil War to the present, their burial sites around the world, the location of their deeds, and other statistics. This reliable and engaging volume makes an important contribution to our understanding of the Texas military frontier.

An air force veteran and classroom teacher of U.S. and Texas history for many years, Charles M. Neal Jr. has spent decades researching the topic in remarkable depth and breadth.

Jerry Thompson is an authority on the Civil War in the Southwest and the history of the Rio Grande frontier.