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Texfake: An Account of the Theft and Forgery of Early Texas Printed Documents

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W. Thomas Taylor (Author)
Introduction by Larry McMurtry


". . . a landmark in the field of Texas book dealing and collecting. If it leads to the return of [Texas's] stolen heritage, it will stand as one of the most important books ever published in the state."
—Marilyn McAdams Sibley

Texfake is the result of three years of investigation into the scandal surrounding the 1988 discovery of forged copies of the Texas Declaration of Independence. The New York Times, Texas Monthly, and the New Yorker all carried articles on the affair, but this is the definitive account of the history and impact of the Texas forger.

Austin publisher, author, and rare book dealer Taylor lays out the facts concerning the forgeries: who made them; when and how they were made; how they were discovered; and whether or not the dealers involved knew what they were selling. He also reveals for the first time the devastating impact of the looting of Texas libraries by thieves in the 1960s.

Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Larry McMurtry's introduction delivers on his promise to "slap on a little of the color that Tom Taylor has had to leave off."

This book was donated by the author for the benefit of the TSHA educational program.