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Prints and Printmakers of Texas: Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual North American Print Conference

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Ron Tyler (Editor)


This eclectic collection pulls together some of the best presentations made at the North American Print Conference held in Austin, Texas. The book includes:

  • Katherine J. Adams, "Texas Impressions: Graphic Arts and the Republic of Texas, 1836-1845"
  • Ben Huseman, "The Beginnings of Lithography in Texas"
  • James Patrick McGuire and David Haynes, "William DeRyee, Carl G. von Iwonski, and Homeography, a Printing Process, 1858-1872"
  • Cynthia Brandimarte, "Immaterial Girls: Prints of Pageantry and Dance, 1900-1936"
  • Francine Carraro, "Jerry Bywaters: A Texas Printmaker"
  • David Farmer, "The Printmakers Guild and Women Printmakers in Texas, 1939-1965"
  • Richard Cox, "Dust Bowl Realism: Texas Printmakers and the FSA Photographers of the Great Depression"
  • Kenneth B. Ragsdale, "W. D. Smithers: Pictorial Chronicler of the Big Bend Country of Texas"
  • Roy Flukinger, "The Panoramic Photography of E. O. Goldbeck"
  • Peter H. Brink, "The Galveston That Was: Requiem or Inspiration?"
  • Nels Jacobson, "Armadillos, Peccadillos, and the Maverick Posterists of Austin, Texas"
  • John Henry Fox, "TexStyle Art: The Evolution of Quality Silkscreened Imagery upon T-Shirts in Austin, Texas, 1968-1988"
  • Richard Pearce-Moses, "From Niépce to Now: Thirty Million Photographs in Texas."