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David C. Humphrey (Author)



State capital and home of the University of Texas, Austin is the one city that belongs to all Texans. This finely written book, illustrated with historic photographs, tells the story of Austin's transformation from an "Indian haunted" frontier village into a residential mecca and high-tech hot spot.

Turning the frontier town into an appealing twentieth-century residential community taxed the energies of civic leaders for several decades. While adjusting to the end of segregation, Austin experienced eye-popping expansion. Fearful that Austin would become "another Houston," residents sought to preserve the lifestyle that had made the city such an attractive place to live.

Historian David C. Humphrey has written three books (including Austin: A History of the Capital City, also published by the Texas State Historical Association) and many articles on U.S. and Texas history and has won several awards, most recently from the Texas State Historical Association and the East Texas Historical Association.