Texas Almanac 2014-2015

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Elizabeth Cruce Alvarez and Robert Plocheck (Editor)



First published in 1857, the Texas Almanac has a long history of chronicling the Lone Star State and its residents. The Almanac's 67th edition is printed in full color and includes hundreds of photographs from every region of the state. Color maps of the state and each of its 254 counties show relief, major and minor roads, waterways, parks, and other attractions. Each county map is accompanied by a profile outlining that county's history, physical features, recreation, population, and economy.

Special features in the 67th Edition include:

  • A beautifully illustrated article about the talent and motivation of early Texas artists through the eyes of Houston oilman J. P. Bryan, who has amassed the world’s largest private collection of Texana. Mr. Bryan, along with Torch Collection Curator Jamie Christy, tell how:
    “French, Spanish, English, and German artists, among so many others, became Texans by either choice or chance, and a large body of their work bears visual testimony to their enduring affection for the region.”
  • A history of the King Ranch and other storied Texas ranches by Texana writer Mike Cox:
    “Some Texas ranches—past and present—are Lone Star icons, as much a part of the state’s image as bluebonnets, oil wells, or rangy longhorns.”
  • Coverage of the 2012 elections.
  • 2012 Texas Olympic medalists.
  • An update on Major League Baseball.
  • Lists of high school, college, and professional sports champions.
  • The latest population figures.

The Texas Almanac 2014–2015 includes articles and data about:

  • history and government
  • population and demographics
  • the environment and weather
  • a two-year astronomical calendar
  • sports and recreation
  • the counties of Texas
  • business and transportation
  • oil and minerals
  • culture, the arts, and religion
  • science and health
  • education
  • agriculture
  • obituaries of notable Texans
  • pronunciation guide to town and county names
ELIZABETH CRUCE ALVAREZ is a journalist and editor who has worked in both newspaper and textbook publishing. She lives in Southlake, Texas.
Journalist and editor ROBERT PLOCHECK is a native of Houston who was raised in Damon and now lives in Denton, Texas.