Texas Almanac 2010 2011

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Elizabeth Cruce Alvarez and Robert Plocheck (Editor)

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The Texas Almanac 2010–2011 is a milestone for the Texas State Historical Association: the first edition of the Texas Almanac published by TSHA.The 736-page Almanac is the 65th printed since the first edition was issued in 1857. The Texas Almanac has always been exceptional, as far as state almanacs go, carrying information on an extremely wide range of topics that are updated with each edition, including:

  • history and government
  • population and demographics
  • the environment and weather
  • sports and recreation
  • business and transportation
  • oil and minerals
  • agriculture
  • science and health
  • education
  • culture, the arts and religion
  • obituaries of notable Texans
  • pronunciation guide to town and county names
  • a two-year astronomical calendar

With 295 color maps and 342 color photographs from every corner of the Lone Star State, the reader can take a trip across Texas from the comfort of one's own home. For the traveler, the myriad maps show the way to towns of all sizes, as well as to landmarks, lakes, rivers, parks and back roads. The Almanac's Counties section is one of the book's most popular, and the detailed county maps are continually updated when highways are made double-lane, towns are incorporated or un-incorporated, new highway loops are built, Farm-to-Market road designations are dropped, state parks are opened or closed, and changes are made in city limits and annexations.

Special features and new sections in this edition include:

  • An article on Lady Bird Johnson by biographer Jan Jarboe Russell that looks at Mrs. Johnson's East Texas childhood and how nature influenced her work as First Lady.
  • A history of Scandinavians in Texas, where they came from, where they settled and their unique contributions to Texas.
  • A look at the many ways Texans carve up the state into regions, from the Panhandle to the Valley, and the Piney Woods to the Hill Country.
  • A feature on earthquakes in Texas that includes a list of significant quakes going back to 1811.
  • County-by-county results of the 2008 primaries and elections.
  • An overview of professional basketball in Texas.
  • Historical lists of high school football and basketball champions.
  • A listing of secondary streams that accompanies the water resources section.
  • A table of the state's largest trees from the Texas Forest Service's Big Tree Registry.
  • A comprehensive table of state prisons by county.

Published biennially, the Almanac's editors update every section in the book, including population figures; business, transportation and agricultural statistics; the timber harvest; lists of recreational sites; lake levels and the annual flow of major rivers; fishing and hunting harvests and licenses; state revenues and expenditures; federal, state and local officials; constitutional amendments; board and commission members; military installations; crime statistics, state and national arts honorees and medal winners; health and science statistics and funding; UIL winners; and public and higher education funding and enrollments. Color relief maps of the state and each of its 254 counties show major and minor roads, waterways, parks and other attractions. Each county map is accompanied by a profile outlining that county's history, physical features, recreation, population and economy. "This edition of the Texas Almanac is the largest, most colorful Almanac we have published yet," said editor Elizabeth Alvarez. "Plus, the comprehensive Table of Contents and Indexes make finding information so easy."

Journalist and editor ROBERT PLOCHECK is a native of Houston who was raised in Damon and now lives in Denton, Texas.
ELIZABETH CRUCE ALVAREZ is a journalist and editor who has worked in both newspaper and textbook publishing. She lives in Southlake, Texas.