Battle of San Jacinto Enhanced eBook App for iPad and iPhone

San Jacinto appTSHA, in partnership with JoSara MeDia, announces the availability of San Jacinto, an enhanced eBook for Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and iPod devices.

Maps, panoramic photos, and more provide multiple viewpoints and immerses readers to tell a fuller story of  “one of the most decisive battles of the world.” 

The San Jacinto app includes rich digital content from several perspectives:

  • Battle of San JacintoThe Battle of San Jacinto by James W. Pohl, originally published in 1989, provided here in an enhanced edition with links, color photos, and more.
  • Panoramic views from points on the battlefield, which can be rotated and zoomed to get a feel for what Sam Houston, Santa Anna, and the rest of the combatants saw. View sample panorama.
  • The article “Mapping San Jacinto” by Jeffrey D. Dunn from TSHA’s Southwestern Historical Quarterly,  uses historical maps “as tools in helping to delineate the boundaries of the battleground and identify significant landscape features deemed important in influencing the outcome of the battle.”
  • Highlighted links within each section to articles in the Handbook of Texas Online, which provide opportunities for deeper research.

The San Jacinto app is available in the Apple App Store, and will be available in the future for Android platforms.

“Drawing on the wealth of historical content that TSHA possesses, and adding in up-to-date multimedia such as maps, panoramic pictures and hi-definition photos, we’ve created an app describing the battle of San Jacinto that is entertaining and educational,” --Larry Ketchersid, JoSara MeDia

“Each of the different parts of this enhanced eBook link to the Handbook of Texas Online, the most comprehensive and authoritative state history encyclopedia in the country, Along with the book  and article, links to the Handbook provide the reader with opportunities to explore particular areas of interest.” --Kent Calder, TSHA Executive Director

“This app builds on the digital projects foundation TSHA put in place with the Handbook of Texas Online, as well as on its scholarly publishing efforts over the last century. This app continues the evolution of making in-depth historical content available in new ways.” --Steve Cook, TSHA Board of Directors