Having fun playing the Texas History Challenge? Then join the Junior Historians of Texas! Learn more about the biggest names in Texas history while making history of your own.

When you join the Junior Historians, you have the chance to leave your mark on the state and your community. Check out all of the things you get and things you can do as a member of the Junior Historians:

  • We will send you a certificate of membership and a personal note. Show off your certificate at home or at school to let everyone know how much you love Texas history.
  • You will be able to log in to the TSHA Digital Library. This website has tons of digitized books and research materials to help you ace your Texas history class.
  • You will also get a copy of the latest Texas Historian. This journal is filled with historical articles written by students like you!
  • Junior Historians receive the Roadrunner Newsletter. The Roadrunner will let you know what other Junior Historians are doing across the state!
  • You have the opportunity to submit a research paper for the Junior Historian writing contest. The best papers will be published in the next Texas Historian!
  • Junior Historians also help with community service projects near their school. Recently, Junior Historians participated in the cleanup of the Rockfield Cemetery and helped the City of Mineola Landmark Commission with a few of their projects.
  • Plus, you can join other students on special trips to places like Pioneer Farms in Austin and Nash Farms in Grapevine.

Help write the next chapter of Texas history. Become a member of the Junior Historians today!

Do your parents want more information? Click here to learn more about the Junior Historian program.