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Browse lists enable readers to search the Handbook of Texas Online by subject categories and historical time periods as well as alphabetically. Researchers can view all entries alphabetically by title. The Handbook also offers the opportunity to search by thematic topics (such as agriculture, education, law, ranching, peoples, visual arts, and more), time periods, and geographic locations by selecting from a menu of four choices: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE.

Many major categories are also broken down into links for three subcategories: Overview, General, and Biographies. "Overview" articles present detailed summaries and chronologies of major subjects. The "General" subcategory contains a further breakdown of types of entries that cover an array of topics such as events, organizations, institutions, businesses, and more. "Biographies" include all of the biographical entries and their related subcategories for specific thematic subject.

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  • WHO - Browse all biographies alphabetically and browse through Texas Political figures: Governors, Republic of Texas Congressmen, and State Legislators.
  • WHAT - Browse Handbook entries by major thematic classifications. Click on a major category and three subcategories (Overview, General, and Biographies) will appear. The "Peoples" classification contains a listing of twenty-five different cultural groups (such as Czechs, Germans, Mexican Americans, Vietnamese) with their own subcategories that direct users to browse groups of specific entries.
  • WHEN - Browse groups of entries by time periods in Texas history, from Prehistory through the Texas Revolution up through modern times.
  • WHERE - Search all Texas communities and Texas counties alphabetically and connect to the Texas Town Database and the Texas Almanac for a regional map, the latest population figures, and additional sources.