Teacher workshop particiapnts reviewing primary sources documents.TSHA offers a variety of resources for teachers ranging from content knowledge and instructional strategies to programs designed to engage students in both the classroom and on campus. These programs and resources are applicable not only to our main audience of Texas Studies teachers, but any educator teaching social studies skills or incorporating local examples into the instruction of broader topics.

In order to provide content on Texas history and instructional strategies to teach it, TSHA produces a range of books and other scholarly content such as the Handbook of Texas Online, the Southwestern Historical Quarterly and the Texas Almanac. Access to relevant aspects of these items can be quickly found in our service, TeachingTexas.org, a collaborative project to provide easy access to the materials teachers need.

In an effort to provide a range of engaging opportunities for students, TSHA offers a continuum of student programs. Texas History Day, the state affiliate of the National History Day program, is a proven instructional program for use in any secondary classroom to teach social studies skills while providing a competitive structure for interested students to add motivation. NHD teacher workshops are available across the state at various times of the year. The Junior Historians of Texas and its college-level counterpart the Walter Prescott Webb Historical Society function as a network of co-curricular and extracurricular clubs for those teachers and students who want to go beyond the classroom with their historical activities. With over seventy years of participation, this program stands as the pinnacle of engagement with history and has produced many dedicated citizens with a passion for history through the efforts of their sponsors. There is often much overlap between the student programs and other special opportunities TSHA is able to provide.


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