Writing Awards

2019–2020 Junior Historian Writing Contest

General Writing Awards

All papers must be received by Feburary 6, 2020

Kate Harding Bates Parker Award

For writing on history, preferably local or Texas history.
Senior Division 1st–$150, 2nd–$100 and 3rd–$75
Junior Division 1st–$100, 2nd–$75 and 3rd–$50
Elementary Division 1st–$100, 2nd–$75 and 3rd–$50
Elementary division members are eligible to participate in the Photographic Essay Contest designed to encourage young people to research and photograph places of historic significance. This contest is an extension of the Buildings in Time activity found in the Save Our History Educators Manual from the Resource Section. Members research and photograph a building or location in their community, write a no more than 500 word description of the location based on the questions found on pages 15-17 in the Save Our History Educators Manual, and include a collection of photographs that adequately show the building. A completed entry must include four copies of the following:
  • A title page with only the name of the building, its address, and the student's name.
  • The no more than 500 essay, using endnotes.
  • An annotated bibliography with sources separated between primary and secondary.
  • The collection of photographs of the building with captions.
  • All entries should be typed on 8 by 11 inch white paper with 1 inch margins on all sides and stapled in the upper left hand corner.
  • Photos should be printed on photographic paper from either a standard 35 mm camera or be high resolution (300 dpi or greater) digital images.


Special Writing Awards

Lone Star Leadership in History Award

For an Elementary or Junior Division (grades 4-8) paper that analyzes the contributions of positive leadership by a leader(s) in Texas history. Winner must maintain an 85 or higher average in school and have an educator complete the nomination section of his/her Lone Star Leadership Academy application upon receipt of the award.
While open to elementary and middle school students, applicants for the Lone Star Leadership in History Award should adhere to the Junior Division writng contest guidelines
Winner will receive scholarship to Lone Star Leadership Academy valued up to $995.
Sponsored by Education in Action.

Thomas Ricks Lindley Memorial Award

For Senior Division (grades 9-12) papers that demonstrate outstanding research and writing on Texas history topics dealing with the period between 1821 and 1886. Papers should include a minimum of seven sources, of which at least three should be primary.
1st Place: $300 and a one-year membership in The Alamo Society and its publication The Alamo Journal
2nd Place: $200 and a one-year membership in The Alamo Society and its publication The Alamo Journal
3rd Place: $100 and one-year membership in The Alamo Society and its publication The Alamo Journal
Sponsored by Friends and Family of Thomas Ricks Lindley.
The Robert Leon Buxton Memorial Award for History
For writing on the topic of westward expansion within the United States of America between the years 1607 to 1959. Students are encouraged to have a personal connection with the subject matter, if possible.
Senior $100
Junior $100
Sponsored by the Buxton Family.

Minnie Fisher Cunningham Memorial Award for Women's History

For writing on women's history in Texas.
Senior $100
Junior $100
Sponsored by the Hanta Yowin Society

Cindy Billington Award for Women's History

For writing on American women, especially in the pre-1840 and/or Texas Revolutionary eras.
Senior $100
Junior $100
Sponsored by the Hanta Yowin Society and John Billington

Willie Lee Gay Award for African-American History

For writing on African-American History in Texas.
Senior $275
Junior $275

Jewish History Award

For writing on Jewish history, preferably Jewish history in Texas.
First Place $100
Second Place $50


Entry Submission Deadline

March 5, 2020

Mail all papers to:

Junior Historians of Texas
Paper Awards
3001 Lake Austin Blvd., Ste. 3.116
Austin, TX 78703


Important Dates

Fall: Each chapter sponsor will receive a reminder with the first Roadrunner Newsletter on how and when to renew chapter affiliation.

January: Entry materials sent to chapter sponsors and members at-large.

February 6, 2020: General writing awards--Four copies of required submissions for writing awards.

March 5, 2020: Special Writing Awards


Photos, maps, and illustrations are encouraged.  B&W glossy prints are preferred. Color prints of good quality are acceptable.  Photocopies from books or pamphlets are not okay, especially without written permission from the publisher.  They are acceptable if the originals are available to the TH.

New chapters need to complete a Chapter Application Form.

- Administrative Approval (level of financial support for transportation fees, admission fees, and supplies)

- Select a Sponsor and a co-sponsor

- Membership, no minimum

- Organize Chapter

- Constitution (not a requirement, but highly recommended, keeps chapter on track)

- Chapter Meetings (When, where, how long, agenda)

- Committees (Standing and Special Committees)

- Charter (after adopting constitution and electing officers then can request charter)

- Texas Historian and Southwestern Historical Quarterly (TH—min of 5 subscriptions & SHQ- available to teachers and students, usually ordered by library as part of the budget)

- Chapter Renewal

- National History Club (option to register as a member, access to NHC recognition programs)

Existing chapters complete a Chapter Renewal Form to remain active

At-Large Members do not have a sponsoring institution and complete an At-Large Membership Form

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