Texas Finalists at National History Day 2003

June 15-19, 2003

Junior Individual Performance
1st Place
Colin Powell
Lake Air Middle School
Teacher: Karen McDonald
Title: A Republic of Rogues: Pirate Democracy on the Seven Seas

Junior Historical Paper
2nd Place
David Toney
Gentry Junior School
Teacher: Jenice Coffey
Title: Eminent Domain - From Use to Abuse

Junior Group Exhibit
3rd Place
Daniel Garrett, Brandy Parker
Copperas Cove Junior High School
Copperas Cove
Teacher: Danny Corbett
Title: Behind the Barbed Wire

Runners-Up from Texas

Junior Group Documentary
4th Place
Austin Glamser, Ernesto Reyes
Drew Academy
Teacher: Debbie Brown and Katherine Montenegro
Title: To Inoculate or Not to Inoculate

Junior Individual Performance
5th Place
Andrew Wortham
La Vernia Junior High School
La Vernia
Teacher: Boyd Harrison
Title: It's Debatable: Uncle Tom's Cabin, Sparking the Debate Between Abolitionists' Responsibilities vs. States' Rights

Senior Group Documentary
8th Place
Chelsea Kindred, Edward Libranda, Ricky Patel, Diana Rocha
Nimitz High School
Teacher: Jennifer Murray
Title: "And God Created Man"

10th Place
Chris Cha, Thomas Douglass, Glen Rhodes, Dake Weng
Cypress Falls High School
Teacher: Meg Moore
Title: The G.I. Bill of Rights

Senior Group Performance
6th Place
Roberto Benavides, Sarah Fe Benavides, Christopher Ramos, Lindsay Ramos
Falfurrias High School
Teacher: Eric Ramos and Sharon Wilson
Title: "Stop Them Damn Pictures": The Influence of Political Cartoons in History

Senior Individual Performance
8th Place
Jaime Espensen-Sturges
McAllen Memorial High School
Teacher: LeAnna Morse
Title: Writing on a Clean Slate: Civil War Spares Not the Fairer Sex

10th Place
Martin Nguyen
Eisenhower High School
Teacher: Debra Brown, Mari Glamser, Michelle Harris and James Metcalf
Title: The Hurt that Never Ends: A Cultural Genocide

Senior Group Exhibit
12th Place
Tiffany Dinh, Vanessa Garza, Tina Nguyen, Ben Pham, Catherine Tran
Eisenhower High School
Teacher: Debra Brown, Mari Glamser, James Metcalf and Michelle Harris
Title: Through The Lies of the Yellow Journalism

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