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Support Old Stories, New Voices for Texas Youth!

The Old Stories New Voices Intercutural Youth Camp program relies on donatons from sponsors. Without your support, deserving students will miss out on camp! For more information about the program and its goals, please read the following Appeal to Supporters and view the brief video presentation.

Appeal to SupportersAcrobat PDF file, requires Acrobat Reader
Video Overview

Sponsorship Information Packet for Historical OrganizationsAcrobat PDF file, requires Acrobat Reader

How You Can Help

The cost to make this program available is $800.00 per child which covers transportation, food, activities, temporary facility needs, and camp-related staffing. Please consider making one of the following fully tax-deductible donations to support participating kids:


Send a Kid for the Week for $800
Split the Week with Another for $400
Send a Kid for the Day for $115
Do What You Can $___________

Sponsorship Benefits

Simply click the appropriate button above to pay online or send your check to the address below (make checks payable to TSHA). A variety of benefits exist for those individuals or companies who are able to support the kids at a level of $1,600 or more through a variety of recognition in online formats, press releases, t-shirts and thank you gifts as desired.

Campers participating in an archeology activityOSNV Youth CampCampers learning military drills from a Buffalo Soldier
Texas State Historical Association
3001 Lake Austin Blvd.
Suite 3.116
Austin, TX 78703