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February 8th @ 6:30pm CT

Magoffin Home Parlor Talk

Join us in the Parlor of the historic Magoffin Home in El Paso where Machelle Wood, the Education and Public Programming Coordinator, shares stories from the cities early days. In 1877, Joseph and Octavia Magoffin moved into their new home which now serves as an official Texas Historical Commission State Historic Site. Joseph served in many civic capacities including four terms as mayor. Joseph and Octavia witnessed the rapid evolution of the city and their home is a true artifact reflecting the rapid changes in El Paso over their lifetime.


As the newest educational initiative from TSHA, Texas Talks are streaming programs that allow members to engage with preeminent Texas history scholars and experts who provide relevant historical information in an interactive platform. This program is ideal for general audiences, educators, and students on the go who love Texas history. Visit the Members Only Digital Library to access archived programs by topic and date.

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08 Feb

February 8th at 6:30pm CT

Join Machelle Wood from the Texas Historical Commission in the Parlor of the historic Magoffin Home to discuss early El Paso history.

Magoffin Home Parlor Talk

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