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J. J. Schott opens Galveston pharmacy


On this day in 1867, Justus Julius Schott opened a drugstore in Galveston. Schott, born in Germany in 1846, came to Galveston with his family in 1851 and was orphaned two years later when both his parents died of yellow fever. He was just twenty-one when he opened the J. J. Schott Drug Company, which became the main conduit of medical supplies from Europe to other drugstores and physicians in Galveston and throughout Texas. In 1869 Schott began to experiment with chicle, and for several years he imported and sold chewing gum wholesale to druggists throughout the country, until the Adams Chewing Gum Company sued him for infringement of patent. Schott won the case, but did not pursue his rights further. In 1885 he ventured into another enterprise with Moxie, a carbonated drink popular in the North, which he distributed throughout the state. Its popularity made Schott one of Galveston's major manufacturers. He died in 1928.

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