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A jolly good barbecue


On this day in 1954, the Anglo-Texan Society in London held its first official affair—a barbecue. Fifteen hundred guests enjoyed the celebration and feasted on 2,800 pounds of beef generously donated by the Houston Fat Stock Show. Author Graham Greene founded the group in London in late 1953 and welcomed persons with “definite connections with both Texas and Great Britain.” The society promoted friendly relations between Texans and Britons during a time when Great Britain had increased ties with the Lone Star State and its oil. Architect O’Neil Ford was an enthusiastic participant. The organization enjoyed its heyday under the leadership of Sir Alfred Bossom, a member of Parliament. The society met four times a year for merry Mexican food luncheons and dynamic speakers. By the mid-1960s the fun-loving glory days of the Anglo-Texan Society were over. The group disbanded in 1979.

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