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Pioneer memoirist born in Missouri


On this day in 1825, Dilue Rose Harris was born in St. Louis, Missouri. Her family arrived in Texas in 1833. She made bullets for men going to the Alamo and took part in the Runaway Scrape. After the Texas Revolution the family moved to the area of Bray's Bayou, five miles outside of Houston. There Dilue attended school. She married Ira A. Harris in 1839. The couple lived in Houston until 1845, when they moved to Columbus; Ira Harris died in 1869. Mrs. Harris was acquainted with the leaders of the Texas Revolution and of the Republic of Texas. Her reminiscences, written when she was seventy-four and published in the Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, are a primary source for early Texas history. She died in Eagle Lake in 1914.

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