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Sam Houston relieves Edwin Moore of command of the Texas Navy


On this day in 1843, President Sam Houston relieved Commodore Edwin Moore of command of the Texas Navy. Moore had clashed with Houston over the navy's activities in support of Mexican rebels in the Yucatán. Houston proclaimed the navy to be pirates and requested any friendly country to capture the navy's ships and return them to Galveston. Before this could happen, Moore returned voluntarily to Galveston, whereupon Houston dishonorably discharged him without so much as a court-martial. Moore appealed to the Congress of the Republic of Texas and finally got a fair trial in August 1844, in which he was found not guilty. In November 1843 the entire fleet was put up for auction, though the people of Galveston, incensed at the thought of selling the navy, prevented the submission of bids. Nevertheless, Moore's July cruise marked the end of the operative career of the Texas Navy.

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