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Coastal brewery serves up a cold one


On this day in 1896, the Galveston Brewing Company began operations. St. Louis brewers Adolphus Busch and William J. Lemp were major stockholders. By this time Texas boasted more than fifty years of brewing history that began with small home operations and gradually expanded to commercial breweries, many centered on sizable German populations. The impressive Galveston complex included a large ice plant, cold-storage rooms, several water wells, railroad tracks, and a brewery that produced up to 75,000 barrels of beer annually. The facility survived the Galveston hurricane of 1900 with minor damage. Brewed brands High Grade and Seawall Bond were popular beers. During Prohibition, the company produced Galvo, a “nonintoxicating cereal beverage.” Though Galveston Brewing Company was one of the few regional breweries to survive Prohibition, small regional brewers declined in Texas as more national chains moved into the state.

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