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Unhappy colonists start "war" and evict Hedgcoxe


On this day in 1852, settlers of the Peters Colony met to protest alleged efforts of the land company to invalidate their claims. Thus began the "Hedgcoxe War" also known as the Peters Rebellion. In February the legislature had attempted to satisfy both the settlers and the land company by passing a compromise law. In May the agent of the company, Henry Oliver Hedgcoxe, issued a proclamation that contributed to the misinterpretation of the law. The meeting on July 15 accused Hedgcoxe of fraud and corruption. The next day, John Good led an armed group of 100 men to Hedgcoxe's office, seized his files, and took them to the Dallas County Courthouse. No violence was done, but Hedgcoxe was ordered to leave the colony. He fled to Austin. In February 1853 an amendment to the compromise law satisfactory to both sides was passed.

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