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Black medical organization founded


On this day in 1886, the second organization of black medical professionals in the nation was formed in Galveston. Doctors J. H. and L. M. Wilkins, pharmacist J. S. Cameron, and twelve other men established the Lone Star State Medical, Dental, and Pharmaceutical Association. The group formed its own organization after the Texas Medical Association had refused them admission. The founders included Monroe Alpheus Majors of Waco, the first African-American physician to practice medicine west of the Rockies, and Benjamin Jesse Covington, a founder of Houston Negro Hospital. After sporadic activity early in its existence, the association grew to almost 300 members in 1928. A. E. Hughes became the first female president in 1934. In 1939 the group received official endorsement from the Texas Medical Association. After TMA opened membership to blacks in 1955, Lone Star State Medical Association’s numbers declined, but the organization remained active into the twenty-first century.

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