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Texas Folklore Society founded in Dallas


On this day in 1909, the Texas Folklore Society was founded in Dallas. Killis Campbell presented the resolution for the formation of the Folk-Lore Society of Texas at a meeting of the Texas State Teachers Association. Sixty-six members were enrolled that day, and charter membership, held open until April 1, 1910, totaled ninety-two. Leonidas Warren Payne Jr. and John A. Lomax served respectively as the society's first president and secretary. In 1911 the organization held its first formal meeting in Austin at the University of Texas campus, where the society maintained its first headquarters. J. Frank Dobie established the office of secretary-editor, which he held for twenty years, in 1923. Membership in the organization, which is the second oldest continuously functioning folklore society in the United States, is open to anyone interested in folklore. Around sixty percent of the members are educators, the rest a conglomerate of professionals and history and folklore aficionados.

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