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Town crier of San Antonio dies


On this day in 1929, Julius Myers, the last town crier in America, died in San Antonio. Myers was born in New York City in 1868 and attended schools there. He moved to Texas seeking relief from respiratory trouble in 1882 and settled in Luling; in 1912 he moved to San Antonio. Myers was seen daily on the streets of San Antonio mounted on his horse, Tootsy, announcing current or future attractions with his megaphone. With a decorative costume for each occasion, he advertised such events as sales and theater attractions, charity affairs, and sporting events. Because too many others were attempting to emulate him, a city ordinance in December 1927 ordered an end to such advertising. Friends of Myers petitioned city hall to except him from the ordinance, but to no avail. The following March, however, indulgent officials permitted him to inform the city of baseball games, but he was not allowed to use his horse. Despite repeated protests by his family, advancing age, and failing health, he continued as town crier until his death.

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