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Professor begins distinguished career at Southwestern University


On this day in 1879, Claude Carr Cody became professor of mathematics at Southwestern University in Georgetown. This Georgia native, born in 1854, taught and served Southwestern for thirty-seven years. He was also Southwestern's first dean and at various times manager of the dormitories, secretary and chairman of the faculty, secretary of the executive committee, treasurer of the university, and librarian. Known in his later years as the "Grand Old Man of Southwestern," he was "a leading candidate for the honor of being the most beloved teacher in the history of the institution" and was twice its acting president. In 1910-11 Cody led the successful fight against a proposal to move the university to Dallas; Southern Methodist University was founded in Dallas instead. Cody died in 1923. In 1939 the Cody Memorial Library was completed and dedicated to his memory.

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