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Matador Ranch sold


On this day in 1882, the Matador Land and Cattle Company of Dundee, Scotland, purchased the Matador Ranch. The ranching venture was started in 1878 in Motley County in northwest Texas by partners Alfred M. Britton and Henry H. (Hank) Campbell. An early financier, Spottswood W. Lomax, gave the ranch its name of “Matador,” reflecting his enthusiasm for Spanish literature. During the following decades the ranch evolved into a massive enterprise. By the early 1900s it comprised 861,000 acres in Texas including land in Motley, Dickens, Cottle, Floyd, and Oldham counties. The cattle company also leased 500,000 acres in northern Montana and 300,000 acres in South Dakota. An average of 55,000 head of cattle were on hand. The Matador Division in Motley County served as a breeding ground, while yearling steers were sent to the Alamositas Division in Oldham County to graze and grow.

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