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"La Musa Texana" dies in Laredo


On this day in 1910, poet and political leader Sara Estela Ramírez died in Laredo at about the age of twenty-nine, twelve years after arriving in Texas from her native Mexico. In Laredo, she taught Spanish and became a prominent supporter of the Partido Liberal Mexicano, the most progressive political party in the era leading up to the Mexican Revolution, and a close friend of PLM leader Ricardo Flores Magón. She probably published most of her poetry and essays in Spanish-language newspapers such as La Crónica, and starting in 1901 became the publisher of two papers, La Corregidora and Aurora. Her journalism was apparently tied to her work with Regeneración y Concordia, a feminist organization to which she belonged, and she is considered one of the founders of Mexican feminism. Twenty-one of her poems and essays, all published between 1908 and 1910, constitute the body of her known work. She was eulogized in La Crónica by Jovita Idar, who bestowed on her the nickname "La Musa Texana."

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