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Chaos wanes as Houston administration replaces ad interim government


On this day in 1836, the ad interim government ended with the inauguration of Sam Houston as president of the Republic of Texas. The Convention of 1836 had declared independence and framed a constitution for Texas, but the advance of the Mexican army made immediate ratification and establishment of constitutional government impossible. The last act of the convention was the selection of an ad interim government on March 16 with David G. Burnet, president; Lorenzo de Zavala, vice president; Samuel P. Carson, secretary of state; Bailey Hardeman, secretary of treasury; Thomas J. Rusk, secretary of war; Robert Potter, secretary of the navy; and David Thomas, attorney general. This temporary government, without any legislative or judicial departments, fled with the people in the Runaway Scrape, and was located successively at Washington-on-the­Brazos, Harrisburg, Galveston Island, Velasco, and Columbia.

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